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The Riverlands and the location of the Whispering Wood
The Riverlands and the location of the Whispering Wood
Whispering Wood
The Riverlands and the location of the Whispering Wood[1]

The Whispering Wood is a forested valley in the northwestern Riverlands. It is named after a battle which takes place in it, the Battle of the Whispering Wood.



The Lands of Ice and Fire places the site of the battle between Riverrun and Oldstones, west of Fairmarket and south of the Blue Fork of the Trident.[1] The non-canon map for HBO's Game of Thrones places the wood south of the Blue Fork and north of Raventree Hall.[2]


A rocky stream runs through the forested valley; its northern end narrows and bends like a cocked elbow. The trees are thick enough to block most moonlight. Snow shrikes live in the Whispering Wood.[3]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

The forest takes its name from the Battle of the Whispering Wood, in which the army of Robb Stark must whisper as they wait to ambush Ser Jaime Lannister.[3]

A Storm of Swords

While journeying north from Riverrun to the Twins for the wedding of Ser Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, Robb's army passes again through the Whispering Wood. Most of the leaves have changed from green to dull gold, brown, and red, but spruce and soldier pines still show green. Catelyn Tully sees remnants of the battle from early in the War of the Five Kings, including bones, weapons, armor, and stone cairns.[4]


Here was a hush in the night, moonlight and shadows, a thick carpet of dead leaves underfoot, densely wooded ridges sloping gently down to the streambed, the underbrush thinning as the ground fell away.[3]
- thoughts of Catelyn Tully

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