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Old Wyk is one of the islands that make up the Iron Islands, located in Ironman's Bay and inhabited by the ironborn. It is home to the noble houses Stonehouse, Goodbrother of Shatterstone, and Drumm.[1] It is located east of Great Wyk and west of Orkmont.[2][3] Lord Dunstan Drumm is known as the Lord of Old Wyk.[4]

Windy hills and cruel black mountains make up much of Old Wyk, and Nagga's hill is located on it near Nagga's Cradle.[5][6]


The ironborn consider Old Wyk to be the holiest of all the Iron Islands. The Grey King slew a legendary sea dragon, Nagga, upon its shores, and it is the place where kingsmoots took place for thousand of years. It is on Old Wyk where the First Men found the Seastone Chair, the traditional throne of the Iron Islands.[1]

When a sept was built on Old Wyk during the reign of King Horgan Hoare, the drowned men burned the sept, killed the septon, and drowned its congregation. The king reacted by slaughtering the priests of the Drowned God, earning him the sobriquet Horgan Priestkiller.[7]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Balon Greyjoy sends Dagmer Cleftjaw to roust the Stonehouses and the Drumms on Old Wyk.

A Feast for Crows

At Pebbleton, Aeron Greyjoy preaches that a kingsmoot should be held on Nagga's hill on Old Wyk to choose the new king.[8] Euron Greyjoy is chosen King of the Iron Islands during the kingsmoot.[9]

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