Galon Whitestaff

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Galon Whitestaff
Title Priest of the Drowned God
Allegiance Drowned God
Culture Ironborn

Galon Whitestaff was a priest of the Drowned God who lived during the Age of Heroes.[1]

Appearance and Character

Galon was called "Whitestaff" for the tall carved staff he carried to smite the ungodly. His staff was made of weirwood or from Nagga's bones, depending on the tale.[1]


Galon called for the unification of the Iron Islands as a single kingdom, decreeing that ironborn must not make war on their own kind or carry off each other's women or raid each other's shores. He summoned a kingsmoot at Old Wyk to choose a high king to rule over the salt and rock kings alike. The kingsmoot chose Urras Greyiron, who was crowned with a driftwood crown by Galon himself.[1]

After Urras Ironfoot's death, his son Erich seized the crown and proclaimed himself king rather than be chosen in a kingsmoot. Though half-blind and feeble, Galon arose in fury and summoned all "captains and kings" to unmake Erich the Ugly and condemn him to death. Instead, Erich saved his life by breaking down his father's crown and casting it into the sea. The kingsmoot then chose Regnar Drumm.[1]


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