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The Iron Islands and the location of Pyke
The Iron Islands and the location of Pyke
The Iron Islands and the location of Pyke
Shores of Pyke, as depicted in Game of Thrones

Pyke is one of the larger islands among the Iron Islands, an archipelago located on Ironman's Bay, on the western side of Westeros. Pyke is located east of Saltcliffe, southeast of Great Wyk, and southwest of Harlaw.[1] Pyke is a day's sail from Harlaw.[2] Smallfolk claim House Greyjoy's castle of Pyke is named after the island.[3]


Pyke is not as large nor as rich as Great Wyk, Harlaw, and Orkmont.[4] The island is home to a castle, also called Pyke, the seat of House Greyjoy, whose lord is known as the Lord Reaper of Pyke. Near the castle is the port town of Lordsport, the seat of House Botley, which provides safe anchor for those who wish to reach Pyke.[5] The town[6] of Iron Holt on the northern coast of the isle is the seat of House Wynch, who are also a strong house on Pyke.[7]


The ancient castle of Pyke was once part of mainland Pyke, but is now located on stone stacks after segments of land fell into the sea.[3]

King Theon Stark defended the North against raiders from Pyke.[8] The island was once ruled by rock kings and salt kings, but they became lords when Urron Greyiron established a hereditary dynasty of Kings of the Iron Islands.[9]

Pretenders arose on Great Wyk, Old Wyk, Orkmont, and Pyke after the death of Harren the Black. House Greyjoy ultimately became the new Lords of the Iron Islands after submitting to King Aegon I Targaryen.[4]

After the death of the Red Kraken, Lord Dalton Greyjoy, battles were bought on Pyke by rival ironborn claimants and then by vengeful westermen.[10]

Lord Quellon Greyjoy led fifty longships from Pyke to attack the Reach after the Battle of the Trident.[11]

During Greyjoy's Rebellion, Pyke was invaded by the forces of King Robert I Baratheon and the castle of Pyke was besieged.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Theon Greyjoy sails from Seagard to Pyke and then travels from Lordsport to the castle of Pyke.[5]

A Feast for Crows

After the death of King Balon Greyjoy, his brother Euron declared himself King of the Isles and the North. When Lord Sawane Botley denies Euron's claim, Euron drowns him and grants half of the Botley lands to Lord Waldon Wynch of Iron Holt.[7]

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