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Vickon Greyjoy
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Vickon, as depicted in Game of Thrones History and Lore.

Allegiance House Greyjoy[1]
Culture Ironborn[1]
Died 33 AC[1]
Issue Goren Greyjoy[1]

Vickon Greyjoy was the Lord Reaper of Pyke and the head of House Greyjoy during Aegon's Conquest. After the demise of House Hoare, Vickon was elected as the first Lord of the Iron Islands.[2]


A famous captain, Vickon was a stern, but cautious, ruler. He was loyal to House Targaryen and considered himself Aegon I Targaryen's man.[1]


After the demise of House Hoare in the burning of Harrenhal, the Iron Islands became engulfed in chaos as claimants battled over the Seastone Chair. In 2 AC, Aegon I Targaryen descended on the islands and put an end to the fighting.[3] Afterward, the issue arose as to who should rule the Iron Islands and Aegon allowed the ironborn to choose their own lord paramount. They elected Vickon, the Lord Reaper of Pyke, a famous captain who boasted a distinguished lineage and descent from the Grey King.[1] Vickon did homage to Aegon and became the first Lord of the Iron Islands.[3]

Ruling from Pyke, Vickon's writ only extended to the Iron Islands; the riverlands which had also been part of the kingdom of House Hoare had already been given to House Tully of Riverrun.[3] Vickon commanded that the practice of reaving be confined to distant waters, forbidding his men to reave the shores of the Seven Kingdoms. He also angered the priests of the Drowned God and many pious lords by allowing the Faith of the Seven to return to the Iron Islands. Vickon paid them no heed, maintaining his loyalty to Aegon the Conqueror. Vickon counselled his son, Goren, that only a fool would rise against Aegon and his dragons.[1]

Vickon died in 33 AC and was succeeded by Goren.[1]


Let them preach. We have need of winds to fill our sails.[1]

—Vickon, when told of the unrest among the followers of the Drowned God


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Preceded byas King of the Isles and the Rivers 1st
Lord of the Iron Islands
Lord Reaper of Pyke

233 AC
Succeeded by