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Allegiance House Frey
Culture Rivermen
Born 257279 AC[1]
Father Ryman Frey
Spouse Janyce Hunter
Issue Walda Frey

Edwyn Frey is a member of House Frey. He is the eldest son of Ser Ryman Frey, a grandson of Ser Stevron Frey, and a great-grandson of Walder Frey, Lord of the Crossing.

Appearance and Character

Edwyn is a pale, slender man, with a constipated look.[3] He has a pinched nose, lank dark hair, and a thin smile.[4]

Edwyn is considered cold[5] and hateful.[6] Merrett Frey considers Edwyn and his brother Black Walder as even worse than their father, Ser Ryman.[5] Edwyn is described as not being a man of the sword.[4]

Under a blue lambswool cloak, Edwyn wears a jerkin of finely tooled grey calfskin, with ornate scrollwork worked into the leather.[4]


Edwyn is wed to Janyce Hunter, and they have a daughter, Walda.[7] Edwyn has always been at odds with his brother Black Walder, considering him a threat due to his position as next in the line of succession.[5][8] Additionally, according to Merrett Frey, it is common knowledge at the Twins that Janyce had an affair with Black Walder.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When Ser Stevron Frey dies following the wounds he received in the Battle of Oxcross, his son, Ser Ryman, becomes heir of Lord Walder Frey. Learning at Winterfell from Maester Luwin about Stevron's death, the cousins Big Walder and Little Walder Frey discuss the line of succession in House Frey and note that Ryman's son Edwyn is now second in line to inherit the title of Lord of the Crossing.[9]

A Storm of Swords

When Robb Stark arrives at the Twins for the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, Edwyn accompanies his father, Ryman, and his brothers, Black Walder and Petyr Pimple, to welcome the King in the North. Robb's direwolf, Grey Wind, receives them with hostility, angering the Freys.[3] Dacey Mormont asks Edwyn for a dance during the wedding feast, but she is refused. Robb's mother, Catelyn Stark, slaps Edwyn after noticing he wears mail under his silk. The Freys then betray the Starks and Tullys in the Red Wedding.[10]

While on his way to Oldstones to ransom Petyr after he has been taken hostage by the brotherhood without banners, Merrett Frey worries about Ryman or his sons Edwyn and Black Walder becoming Lord of the Crossing. Merrett would prefer Petyr to succeed instead, but the outlaws hang Petyr and Merrett in vengeance for the Red Wedding.[5]

A Feast for Crows

When Ser Jaime Lannister arrives to end the siege of Riverrun, his cousin, Ser Daven, complains about Edwyn and his kin.[6] Because his father is drunk, Edwyn represents the Freys during the war council, but he is met with hostility by the riverlords and Jaime. Edwyn suggests that archers attack Ser Brynden Tully, the castellan of Riverrun, with arrows smeared with night soil, but the proposal is dismissed by Lord Karyl Vance and Ser Lyle Crakehall, who consider such an approach ignoble. Angered that his son, Ser Marq, is a prisoner at the Twins, Lord Clement Piper challenges Edwyn to a duel, but Ser Walder Rivers and Jaime intervene. Edwyn declares that everyone who went to the Red Wedding was a traitor, but he is reminded by Jaime that House Frey started the war on Robb's side, making the Freys twice the traitors the Pipers are.[4] Jaime dismisses Ryman from Riverrun and puts Edwyn in charge of the Frey force at the siege.[4]

While returning to the Twins, Ryman is hanged near Fairmarket by outlaws from the brotherhood, and he is unmourned by Edwyn, the new heir of Lord Walder. Even though Black Walder is away at Seagard, Edwyn suspects his brother played a role in their father's death. Edwyn insists that Black Walder has spies in his camp, but Jaime suspects that Edwyn has people spying on Black Walder as well. Jaime orders Edwyn to inform Lord Walder that all prisoners from the Red Wedding will have to be released, dismissing Edwyn's suggestion that this would imply recompensation. When Jaime inquires about the fate of Ser Raynald Westerling, Edwyn informs him that he has probably died in the Green Fork following wounds he received after trying to set Grey Wind free.[8]

Quotes by Edwyn

Edwyn: Once Ser Brynden dies, Riverrun is ours.
Emmon: Mine. Riverrun is mine.
Karyl: Will the night soil be your own contribution, Edwyn? A mortal poison, I don't doubt.[4]

—Edwyn, Emmon Frey, and Karyl Vance

Jaime: Edwyn, I am giving you your father's command. Try not to be so stupid as your sire.
Edwyn: That ought not pose much difficulty, my lord.[4]

Jaime Lannister and Edwyn

Quotes about Edwyn

Stevron's son Ser Ryman stood to inherit now; a thick-witted, stubborn, greedy man. And after Ryman came his own sons, Edwyn and Black Walder, who were even worse. "Fortunately," Lame Lothar once said, "they hate each other even more than they hate us."[5]

—thoughts of Merrett Frey

Tully ought to make a sortie, to remind us all we're still at war. Be nice if he culled some Freys too. Ryman, for a start. The man's drunk more oft than not. Oh, and Edwyn. Not as thick as his father, but as full of hate as a boil's full of pus.[6]

I say what I mean straight out, like an honest man. But what would you know of the ways of honest men? You're a treacherous lying weasel, like all your kin. I'd sooner drink a pint of piss than take the word of any Frey.[4]

Clement Piper to Edwyn