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Walder Rivers
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Alias Bastard Walder[1]
Title Ser[1]
Allegiance House Frey
Culture Rivermen
Father Walder Frey
Spouse Lady Charlton[2]
Personal arms A silver-grey castle on blue beneath a red bend sinister
(Azure, beneath a bend sinister gules a castle cendrée)

Walder Rivers, also known as Bastard Walder, is a knight and the eldest of Lord Walder Frey's bastards.[3] He is married to a lady of House Charlton and has two children, Walda and Aemon. Walder's personal coat of arms is a silver-grey castle on blue (the colors of House Frey reversed) beneath a red bend sinister.[3][4]

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, Tim Plester portrays "Black Walder Rivers", a combination of Walder Rivers and Black Walder Frey.

Appearance and Character

Walder is gruff, dour, and has grey hair.[5] He has the same suspicious face of his father, Lord Walder Frey.[5]

Though not a trueborn Frey, Bastard Walder is often put in positions of responsibility due to his strong reputation as a warrior.[5] The misanthropic[6] knight has cold courtesy[7] and is resentful of his bastard status.[8] Catelyn Stark considers him harsh and sour,[5] and Lothar Frey explains that his half-brother has a soldier's bluntness.[5]

Walder's shield depicts the arms of House Frey with the colors reversed, and a red bend sinister across the towers.[3] He uses a modest tent when on campaign.[3]


Walder's mother died after falling from a horse.[9]

When Chett was caught for murder near Sevenstreams, Walder was sent from the Twins to judge him. Chett ended up being sent to the Wall in the company of Yoren.[10]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Walder commands the forty-strong escort of Lothar Frey on his trip south to Riverrun where Lothar is to treat with Robb Stark.[5] He is quiet and curt during supper with King Robb Stark, Lord Edmure Tully, and Catelyn Stark.[5]

Walder accompanies Lothar on his meeting with Robb outside the gates of the Twins, but is much less friendly than his half-brother.[11] During the Red Wedding, Bastard Walder commands the attack on the soldiers' camp.[12]

A Feast for Crows

Walder is present at the siege of Riverrun, where he has a modest tent. He participates in the heated stalemate that plagues the besieging army's command. Walder challenges Lord Clement Piper after his nephew Edwyn is insulted, but Ser Jaime Lannister prevents them from fighting.[3]

After Edmure arranges for the surrender of Riverrun, Walder informs Jaime that Edwyn's father, Ser Ryman Frey, was hanged by outlaws near Fairmarket. Edwyn is convinced that his own brother, Black Walder Frey, is responsible for the death of their father, but Bastard Walder points out he has no proof. Walder also tells Jaime that Ser Raynald Westerling is presumed dead from the Red Wedding.[7]

Quotes by Walder

Lothar: Roslin is my lord father's youngest daughter by Lady Bethany of House Rosby, his sixth wife. She has a gentle nature and a gift for music.

Edmure: Might not it be better if I first met—
Walder: You'll meet when you're wed. Unless Lord Tully feels a need to count her teeth first?
Edmure: I will take your word so far as her teeth are concerned, but it would be pleasant if I might gaze upon her face before I espoused her.
Walder: You must accept her now, my lord. Else my father's offer is withdrawn.

Lothar: My brother has a soldier's bluntness, but what he says is true. It is my lord father's wish that this marriage take place at once.[5]

Lothar Frey, Edmure Tully, and Walder

Edwyn is no man of the sword ... but I am, Piper. If you have more remarks to make, come outside and make them.[3]

—Walder to Clement Piper

Quotes about Walder

Lothar's bastard brother Walder Rivers was another matter; a harsh sour man with old Lord Walder's suspicious face, he spoke but seldom and devoted most of his attention to the meat and mead that was set before him.[5]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark

Jaime: You were speaking of the Freys you wanted dead. Ryman, Edwyn, Emmon ...
Daven: And Walder Rivers, that whoreson. Hates that he is a bastard, and hates everyone who's not.[8]

That one is more dangerous than any of his trueborn brothers.[3]

Jaime Lannister's thoughts


Lord Walder Frey has several bastards, the oldest of whom is Ser Walder Rivers. Bastard Walder married a member of House Charlton, a vassal house to House Frey.



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