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Rainbow Guard. © FFG

The Rainbow Guard is an organization created by Renly Baratheon to serve a similar purpose to the Kingsguard. Its members wear rainbow cloaks and have a rainbow coat of arms. This connects them to the Faith of the Seven (to whom the rainbow is a religious symbol). Each member is described as wearing armor of a single different color, with the group of seven together representing the seven-colored rainbow.


House Tyrell (Loras) Ser Loras Tyrell, Lord Commander.
House Tarth Brienne of Tarth, the Blue.
House Caron Lord Bryce Caron, the Orange.
House Cuy Ser Emmon Cuy, the Yellow.
House Morrigen Ser Guyard Morrigen, the Green.
House Crane Ser Parmen Crane, the Purple.
House Royce Ser Robar Royce, the Red.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

At the start of the War of the Five Kings, Renly Baratheon declares himself king of the Seven Kingdoms after the death of his brother, King Robert. To reflect his status, Renly creates the Rainbow Guard, a fanciful version of the Kingsguard. Loras Tyrell, Renly's favourite, is the first appointee, as well as Lord Commander. Barring the Lord Commander, each of the other six members are given a color of the rainbow.[1] The last position is held open in the hope of awarding it to Ser Barristan the Bold should he join Renly's cause. He never arrives in Renly's camp, however, and the cloak is granted to Brienne of Tarth, who is awarded the position after winning the great melee at Bitterbridge involving over a hundred knights, including Ser Loras.[2]

It is interesting to note that Bryce Caron is the Lord of Nightsong when he is appointed to the Rainbow Guard. It is not made clear if this is honorary during wartime or he has given up his seat without an heir.

Following the death of Renly, the Rainbow Guard disintegrates:

Game of Thrones

HBO TV adaptation, Rainbow Guard version

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, the Rainbow Guard is simply described as "King Renly's Kingsguard" rather than as the "Rainbow Guard." Worldwide, the LGBT rights political movement has adopted the rainbow as its symbol.[3] Author George R. R. Martin did not intend the book's use of "Rainbow Guard" as a play on gay rights; however, HBO has elected not to use the "Rainbow Guard" in its adaptation due to the political connotations, despite the explicit depiction of the relationship between Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell.[4]

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