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The tiger cloaks are the city guard of the Free City of Volantis and its affiliate cities, such as Selhorys. The tiger cloaks serve the ruling triarchs, and their name comes from the militant tiger party. Around half of the guards worship R'hllor.[1]


The tiger cloaks are slave soldiers with green tiger stripes tattooed across their cheeks, of which they are fiercely proud. They wear silver mail shirts and polished helms fashioned like tiger masks.[2][1] They wield spears, and steel claws jut from their gloved gauntlets.[2] Some are Unsullied who wear ornate armor.[3]

Recent Events

A Dance of Dragons

On their way to Selhorys Tyrion Lannister and Haldon pass through a gate where a squad of Volantene spearmen stand guard. One of the tigers roughly rubs Tyrion's head and remarks it is good luck to rub the head of a dwarf, but Tyrion is too startled to resist.[2]


Do they yearn for freedom? he wondered. What would they do if this child queen bestowed it on them? What are they, if not tigers? What am I, if not a lion?[2]

—thoughts of Tyrion Lannister