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Selhorys is located in Free Cities
The Free Cities and the location of Selhorys

Selhorys is a walled town located on the Rhoyne in western Essos. Although large it is still considered a town, not an independent city, and is ruled from Old Volantis. It is situated at the confluence of the Selhoru and the Rhoyne.[1] It lies to the north of Valysar and to the northwest of Volantis.[2]

Alone among the major towns, Selhorys stands upon the eastern bank of the Rhoyne, making it much more vulnerable to horselords than its sister towns across the river.

Recent Events

Dockside Brothel in Selhorys - by Yoann Boissonnet ©

A Dance with Dragons

A Yunkish envoy came to Selhorys with chests of gold and gems and two hundred slaves, seeking support for their war against Meereen.[3]

Tyrion is kidnapped at a brothel in Selhorys by Ser Jorah Mormont, who abducts him and takes him to Volantis by horseback.

The brothel was a modest one compared to those the dwarf had been wont to frequent in Lannisport and King’s Landing.

References and Notes

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