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Selhoru is located in Free Cities
Western Essos and the location of the Selhoru

The Selhoru is a river in southwestern Essos. The Rhoynar consider it a daughter of the Rhoyne and nickname it the Shy Daughter. Much of its course is hidden in reeds and withes.[1] Its headwaters begin south of the Forest of Qohor and the river flows southwest into the Rhoyne. Selhorys is situated at the confluence of the Selhoru and the Rhoyne.[2]

Volantis controls the Rhoyne up to the Selhoru.[3]


During the Long Night, the Rhoyne may have frozen as far south as the Selhoru.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The khalasar of Khal Pono is reported to be near the headwaters of the Selhoru.[5]