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Volon Therys is a town on the eastern continent. It lies on the west bank of the Rhoyne. Almost directly across the river to the east lies the ruined Rhoynar city Sar Mell. To the north is Valysar, the Orange Shore is to the west, and Volantis is to the south along the Rhoyne.[1]

The town is under the authority of Volantis since the years of expansion under the Tigers.[2]


Volon Therys is a walled town, so large that it would be considered a city in the Seven Kingdoms.[3] The town’s walls are high and white. There is a long, chaotic riverfront.[4]

The town was built and inhabited by Valyrians expanding to the west after the Ghis wars. During the Second Spice War, the town faced a battle against the host of the Rhoynish Prince Garin the Great. The Valyrians numbered 100,000 and had three dragonlords. The Rhoynish troops were protected by their water wizards, and archers managed to kill two dragons and drive away the other. The Valyrians lost the battle and Volon Therys was flooded.[5]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

The Golden Company ends up encamped three miles south of Volon Therys due to Triarch Malaquo coming north with 5,000 foot and 1,000 horse to cut them off from the delta road.[4]

The Shy Maid arrives at Volon Therys and is tied up in one of the meaner sections of the long chaotic riverfront. A ferocious southern sun beats down upon the crowded riverfont.[4]

Haldon goes into the city and purchases three horses, which are not the best horseflesh, but with the Dothraki across the river, half the populace of Volon Therys has decided they would sooner be elsewhere. Griff, Haldon and Young Griff ride the horses to rendezvous with the Golden Company who are camped beside a river.[4]

In Volantis at the Merchant's House, Ser Jorah Mormont tells Tyrion Lannister that last night the gossip was about an exiled Westerosi lord that has hired the Golden Company to win back his lands for him. Half the captains in Volantis are racing upriver to Volon Therys to offer him their ships.[6]

Sometime later at Griffin's Roost, Jon Connington recalls that 10,000 men had sailed from Volon Therys, with all their weapons, horses and elephants.[7]

Chapters that take place at Volon Therys

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