Lorath Bay

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Lorath Bay is located in Free Cities
Lorath Bay
Western Essos and the location of Lorath Bay

Lorath Bay is a large bay off the northwestern coast of Essos, with Lorath nearby to the north.[1]


Lorath Bay opens into the Shivering Sea,[2][3] and the Free City of Lorath sits at the mouth of the bay in an archipelago.[4] Around the southern edge of Lorath Bay lie the Hills of Norvos.[3]


Leviathans, seals, and walruses live in Lorath Bay. While the city of Lorath claims the bay, they lack the strength to prevent Braavosi fishing fleets and Ibbenese whalers and sealers from entering the waters. The western shore of the bay is controlled by Braavos.[4]


The shores and isles of Lorath Bay were inhabited in antiquity by mazemakers, hairy men, and Andals, the latter of whom used longships. The Andals were defeated in the Scouring of Lorath, however, and the region was eventually colonized by the Valyrian Freehold.[4]