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The Reach and the location of Ashford
The Reach and the location of Ashford
The Reach and the location of Ashford

Ashford is the seat of House Ashford, and the castle and the town both sit at a fording of the Cockleswent river, just north of the Dornish Marches.[1]

The town has whitewashed houses with thatched roofs.[2] Ashford Castle lies next to the town. It is built in the shape of a triangle. It has round towers at each point, thirty feet tall. Between the towers run thick crenellated walls.[2]


In 209 AC the Ashford Tourney was held in Ashford Meadow by the town.[2]

During Robert's Rebellion, some time in the year 282 AC, Ashford is the site of an inconclusive victory by Lord Tyrell against Lord Robert Baratheon, in truth Randyll Tarly's vanguard forced Robert to retreat before Mace Tyrell's main force arrived.[3][1]

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