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Qhoyne is located in Free Cities
Western Essos and the location of the Qhoyne
The Qhoyne - by Stu Barnes. © FFG

The Qhoyne is a river in northwestern Essos. The Rhoynar consider it a daughter of the Rhoyne and nickname it the Darkling Daughter. Its headwaters lie in the Forest of Qohor, where it runs through the Free City of Qohor. It then flows southwest past the forest and meets its tributary, the south-flowing Darkwash, just north of the ruined city of Ar Noy. The Qhoyne then continues southwest past Ar Noy and meets the Rhoyne at Dagger Lake.[1]

Pine-cones from the Forest of Qohor and gold and amber from the Axe flow into Dagger Lake by way of the Qhoyne and the Darkwash, respectively.[2] Timber from the forest is shipped to the southern Rhoyne via the Qhoyne and Dagger Lake.[3]