Sunset girl

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sunset girl
Culture Selhorys
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)

The sunset girl is a redheaded slave-whore in a Selhorys brothel. She services Tyrion Lannister while he is travelling the Rhoyne on the Shy Maid. Her true name is unknown, “sunset girl” is how the brothel's proprietor refers to her to Tyrion.


She looks Westerosi. She has freckled cheeks, tight red curls upon her head and tears tattooed beneath one eye. Tyrion thinks that perhaps she was captured by some slaver as a child. She speaks not a word of the Common Tongue. Her back is crisscrossed by ridges of scar tissue from whippings. Her eyes look dead. She never utters one word to Tyrion. She is a broken woman.[1]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Tyrion and Haldon Halfmaester are sent into the town of Selhorys by Griff to do some reconnaissance. There, Tyrion spies a modest brothel and tells Haldon that whores hear much and more from their clients and convinces Haldon to let him pay a visit.[1]

Tyrion enters the brothel and asks for a girl who speaks Westerosi and, although she speaks not a word of the Common Tongue, the red headed whore is produced. Tyrion settles for her.[1]

The sunset girl proves not to be the liveliest of partners for Tyrion. After he is finished with her Tyrion rolls off of her, feeling more shamed than sated. He asks her about Tysha but the whore does not respond. Tyrion observes her and notices the scars on her back. He thinks to himself that this girl is as good as dead and that he has just fucked a corpse. He thinks to himself that even her eyes look dead.[1]

Drunken Tyrion drinks more wine and throws up and takes her again and when the wine is done he tosses the whore's clothes to the floor, she takes the hint and flees, leaving drunken Tyrion alone and forlorn in the darkness.[1]


Have you ever bedded a monster before?

– Tyrion Lannister, to the sunset girl

This girl is as good as dead. I have just fucked a corpse.[1]

- Tyrion Lannister