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House Caron.svg Lord
Bryce Caron
the Orange
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Alias Bryce the Orange[1]
Culture Marcher[4]
Born or before 276 AC[5]
Died 299 AC
the Blackwater Rush[7]
Father Lord Bryen Caron

Bryce Caron is the Lord of Nightsong and the head of House Caron.[4]


Bryce is a much better swordsman than Ser Jon Fossoway, according to Jon himself.[8]


Bryce became the head of his House after his father, mother, brother, and all his sisters succumbed to a terrible chill in 289 AC. Bryce's only known living relative is his bastard half-brother, Ser Rolland Storm.[9]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lord Bryce participates in the Hand's tourney in King's Landing given in the honor of Lord Eddard Stark, but he is defeated by Ser Jaime Lannister of the Kingsguard.[10] Bryce's name is read aloud during King Joffrey I Baratheon's first court session, placing him in a list of nobles who are instructed to come to King's Landing to swear fealty to Joffrey or else be named traitors to the realm.[11]

A Clash of Kings

When Lord Renly Baratheon declares himself king, Lord Bryce chooses to support him and is named to Renly's new Rainbow Guard, in which he wears the color orange, which gives him the nickname "Bryce the Orange".[1] Bryce is among the nobles from Renly's camp beneath Bitterbridge that attend the feast, where he goads his fellow Rainbow Guard Ser Robar Royce into juggling daggers.[12]

When Renly learns that Stannis Baratheon has laid siege to Sorm's End, Bryce travels with him to the castle. He is present at the failed parley beneath the walls of Storm's End between Renly and Stannis. Renly gives him command of the left flank in the coming battle between the brothers.[13] However, before the battle can take place, Renly is assassinated by Melisandre.[14]

After Renly's death, Bryce rallies to Stannis, offering to fight Ser Cortnay Penrose in single combat, if it would win Stannis Storm's End, but he is rebuffed.[8] After the castle is taken, Bryce tells Stannis that Melisandre should be sent back to Dragonstone before the assault on King's Landing, lest it be thought that Stannis owed the crown to her spells.[15]

In the Battle of the Blackwater, Bryce is killed in single combat by Ser Philip Foote. His lands, titles and incomes are granted to Philip by the Iron Throne.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

Bryce's bastard half-brother, Ser Rolland Storm, is a pretender to Nightsong, laying claim under Stannis's banner.[3]

Quotes by Bryce

Bryce: No man here is a turncloak, ser. My fealty belongs to Storm's End, and King Stannis is its rightful lord... and our true king. He is the last of House Baratheon, Robert's heir and Renly's.
Cortnay: If that is so, why is the Knight of Flowers not among you? And where is Mathis Rowan? Randyll Tarly? Lady Oakheart? Why are they not here in your company, they who loved Renly best? Where is Brienne of Tarth, I ask you?[8]

—Bryce and Cortnay Penrose

Your Grace, if the sorceress is with us, afterward men will say it was her victory, not yours. They will say you owe your crown to her spells.[15]

—Bryce to Stannis Baratheon

Quotes about Bryce

Davos: Bryce the Orange, of the Rainbow Guard.

Cressen: The Rainbow Guard?

Davos: Renly's made his own Kingsguard, but these seven don't wear white. Each one has his own color.[1]

You wear your cloak of many colors, I see. The one Renly gave you when you swore your oath to protect him. If he is dead, how is it you are not?[8]

Cortnay Penrose to Bryce



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Preceded by Lord of Nightsong
Lord of the Marches

289/290299 AC
Succeeded by