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House Tarth of Evenfall Hall
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Coat of arms Gules, a sun in splendour Or quartered with azure, an increscent argent
Seat Evenfall Hall
Current Lord Selwyn Tarth
Region the Stormlands
Title Lord of Tarth
Heir Brienne of Tarth
Overlord House Baratheon

House Tarth of Evenfall Hall is a noble house from Evenfall Hall in the Stormlands. The family rules the island of Tarth, a beautiful island northeast of Shipbreaker Bay that controls the Straits of Tarth between the island and mainland Westeros. They are one of the main houses sworn to Storm's End.[1]

Their blazon is quartered with yellow suns on rose and white crescents and azure.[2][3] Their words are not known. Lord Tarth is sometimes called the Evenstar.[4][5]



Ser Quentyn Tarth participated in the Ashford Tourney.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Endrew Tarth, stationed in the Shadow Tower, is recalled to Castle Black to train the new recruits as master-at-arms after Ser Alliser Thorne is sent away.

A Clash of Kings

The Tarths declare for Renly Baratheon during the War of the Five Kings. When Stannis Baratheon sends Davos Seaworth to rally the Stormlords, they only agree to a midnight meeting in a grove.

Brienne of Tarth wins the meleé at Bitterbridge, defeating Ser Ronnet Connington and Ser Loras Tyrell. As a reward King Renly grants her a place in his Rainbow Guard. Brienne is forced to flee with Lady Catelyn Tully when she is suspected as the killer of Renly, who dies in her arms. She then goes into Catelyn's service.

A Storm of Swords

Following Catelyn's orders, Brienne escapes with Ser Jaime Lannister and Ser Cleos Frey from Riverrun.[6]

Ser Endrew Tarth dies fighting the wildlings at the Battle of the Bridge of Skulls.[7]

In King's Landing Brienne is entrusted by Jaime to look for Catelyn's daughters, and he gives her a Valyrian steel sword named Oathkeeper.

A Feast for Crows

Brienne unsuccessfully searches the Riverlands for Sansa Stark. While following Arya Stark's track, Brienne is captured by the brotherhood without banners and is sentenced to death by Lady Stoneheart, the revived Catelyn Tully.

A Dance with Dragons

Someone who Jaime recognizes as Brienne recruits his help in the Riverlands, ostensibly to help in saving Sansa Stark from Sandor Clegane.[8] This story is unlikely, however, because Sansa Stark is in the Vale and Sandor Clegane perished. There has been no word on either of the two since.[9]

House Tarth at the end of the third century

The known Tarths during the timespan of the events described in A Song of Ice and Fire are:

With unspecified familiar relationship to the main branch there is also:


Historical Members

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