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Jaime Lannister gifts Oathkeeper to Brienne of Tarth.
Art by nejna

Oathkeeper is a Valyrian steel longsword which is forged by Tobho Mott[1] from Eddard Stark's greatsword, Ice, along with the smaller blade, Widow's Wail. It has black and red ripples through the steel. Its scabbard glitters gold and is decorated with a row of lion's heads and smoldering red rubies.[2] The pommel has a golden lion's head with ruby eyes that shine like two red stars.[3]


Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Lord Tywin Lannister has Tobho Mott[1] make the sword as a gift for his elder son, Ser Jaime Lannister.[4] Ser Kevan Lannister tells Jaime that the gift is heartfelt, but Jaime thinks his father and uncle are mocking his missing hand.[5] Jaime instead gives the sword to Brienne of Tarth, asking her to name it Oathkeeper when he charges her with finding the whereabouts of Sansa Stark.[5] Jaime notes the appropriateness of protecting Eddard Stark's daughter with his own steel.[5]

A Feast for Crows

Brienne of Tarth uses Oathkeeper to slay Pyg and Timeon at the Whispers[6] and Rorge at the inn at the crossroads.[7] The brotherhood without banners use the sword as evidence that Brienne serves House Lannister.[3]


This one was thicker and heavier, a half-inch wider and three inches longer, but they shared the same fine clean lines and the same distinctive color, the ripples of blood and night.[1]
- Tyrion Lannister comparing Oathkeeper to Widow's Wail

There was a time that I would have given my right hand to wield a sword like that. Now it appears I have, so the blade is wasted on me. Take it.[5]
- Jaime Lannister to Brienne of Tarth

Valyrian steel, spell-forged. It was a sword fit for a hero.[2]
- thoughts of Brienne of Tarth

Even the sound of it is sharper than an ordinary sword.[6]
- thoughts of Brienne of Tarth

Call it Oathbreaker, she says. It was made for treachery and murder. She names it False Friend. Like you.[3]
- Harwin interpreting Lady Stoneheart for Brienne of Tarth

References and Notes

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