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Pyg TheMico.jpg
Pyg by TheMico

Allegiance Brave Companions
Died 300 AC

Pyg is a member of the Brave Companions.[1]


Pyg has small eyes and wide flat nostrils.[2]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Ser Jaime Lannister mocks some of the Brave Companions, including Pyg, when he leaves Harrenhal after being released by Lord Roose Bolton.[3]

A Feast for Crows

The Brave Companions scatter with the capture of Harrenhal by Ser Gregor Clegane.[2] Jaime hopes to find Pyg and Shagwell in Harrenhal's dungeon when he returns to the castle, but they have already departed.[4] Pyg, Shagwell, and Timeon torture an outlaw from the brotherhood without banners and learn that Sandor Clegane was with Arya Stark, and they later hear a similar story from the innkeep at the crossroads inn.[2]

In Maidenpool, the sellswords purchase a map from Dick Crabb, who claims they can escape Westeros from a smuggler's cove at Crackclaw Point. With Nimble Dick's help, Brienne of Tarth finds them abandoned at the Whispers during her search for Sansa Stark. Pyg is caked with dirt and wields a broken sword. During the ensuing battle, Brienne cuts Pyg's thigh with Oathkeeper and then stabs him in the throat.[2] While Dick is buried in a grave, Brienne brings the heads of the three sellswords to Maidenpool and leaves their bodies for crows.[2][5]

Brienne later has nightmares involving Pyg, Shagwell, and Timeon.[5][6]


She knew that nose. She knew those eyes. Pyg, his friends had called him.[2]

—thoughts of Brienne of Tarth