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Brave Companions.svgTimeon of DorneBrave Companions.svg
Timeon TheMico.jpg
Timeon, by TheMico

Alias Timeon of Dorne
Allegiance Brave Companions
Culture Dornish
Born Dorne
Died In 300 ACWhispers

Timeon, also known as Timeon of Dorne,[1] is a Dornish sellsword of the Brave Companions.[2]

Appearance and Character

The swarthy[2] Timeon speaks the Common Tongue with a Dornish drawl.[3] Brienne of Tarth considers him to be cruel,[4] a killer, a raper, and a liar.[5]

The sellsword wears a chainmail byrnie, and ties a stained scarf of red silk about his iron halfhelm.[2][3] Timeon wields throwing spears,[3] a sword,[6] a dagger,[3] and a whip.[6]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Timeon is part of the foraging company which captures Ser Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth near Maidenpool, and he advises Rorge to rape Brienne. After the sellswords beat the pair into submission, Timeon binds them together on Brienne's horse for the ride to meet their commander, Vargo Hoat. Timeon and an Ibbenese later shove Jaime toward Vargo, and the captain has Zollo chop off Jaime's sword hand.[2]

Jaime grabs Timeon's sword one morning and tries to escape. Shagwell dodges all of the knight's swings, however, and Rorge kicks the sword away.[6] When Jaime laughs after hearing that Harrenhal is their destination, Timeon slashes Jaime's face with his whip.[6]

A Feast for Crows

When Harrenhal is captured by Ser Gregor Clegane, the Brave Companions scatter. They torture an outlaw from the brotherhood without banners, and learn that Sandor Clegane was with Arya Stark, and they later hear a similar story from the innkeep and whores at the crossroads inn.[3] While the others head to Saltpans and Oldtown, Timeon, Pyg, and Shagwell go to Maidenpool to find passage across the narrow sea to Essos.[3] The docks are guarded by Lord Randyll Tarly's men, so the three outlaws hope to be smuggled from Westeros on a ship.[7][8] Dick Crabb cons Shagwell into buying a map to the Whispers, which he says is a popular smugglers' cove on Crackclaw Point, but Dick fails to mention that ships have not gone there for thirty years.[8] The three sellswords camp in the ruins of the Whispers.[3]

Brienne has been tasked by Jaime with finding Sansa Stark, who has gone missing after the death of King Joffrey I Baratheon. Sansa is believed to be in the company of the fool Dontos Hollard.[9] Brienne learns of Dick boasting of having "fooled a fool",[7] and Dick later agrees to escort Brienne to the Whispers so she can find the fool in question.[8] When they arrive, Shagwell kills Dick for leading them astray. Timeon informs Brienne about Vargo's fate, and also tells her that the Stark girl was not with a fool, but with the Hound. Timeon tells Brienne if she yields and gives them her gold, they will let her and her squire Podrick Payne go, after the three sellswords have had sex with her. Otherwise, they will rape her and take the gold anyway.[3]

During the ensuing battle, Timeon cuts Brienne's cheek with a throwing spear as she finishes Pyg. When he faces Timeon, he wounds her shoulder with a second spear as she charges him, but Brienne slashes his ear and cheek with Oathkeeper, and then stabs the Dornishman in the belly. As she pulls her blade from him, Timeon tries to get her with a dagger, so she cuts his hand off, considering it revenge for Jaime Lannister's maiming. Timeon begs for mercy, so she finishes him, then moves on to Shagwell.[3]

After Dick is buried in a grave, Brienne leaves the bodies of the three sellswords for crows, but Ser Hyle Hunt brings their heads to Maidenpool. The heads are rotting and swarming with flies and maggots by the time they reach Maidenpool, but Hyle refuses to bury them. Randyll Tarly is incredulous that Brienne killed the three men by herself, but Hyle insists. The heads are mounted above Maidenpool's gates.[4]

Brienne later has nightmares involving Pyg, Shagwell, and Timeon.[4][10]

Quotes by Timeon

You and your father lost too many battles. We had to trade our lion pelts for wolfskins.[2]

—Timeon, to Jaime Lannister

Brienne: The one I want is with a highborn girl, the daughter of Lord Stark of Winterfell.

Timeon: Then it's the Hound you want. He's not here neither, as it happens. Just us.
Brienne: Sandor Clegane? What do you mean?

Timeon: He's the one that's got the Stark girl. The way I hear it, she was making for Riverrun, and he stole her. Damned dog.[3]

Brienne of Tarth and Timeon

Mother have mercy. Finish it. Send me back to Dorne, you bloody bitch.[3]

—Timeon to Brienne of Tarth

Quotes about Timeon

He was better than Pyg, but he had only a short throwing spear, and she had a Valyrian steel blade.[3]

—thoughts of Brienne of Tarth

Timeon was still trying to fight as she pulled her blade from him, its fullers running red with blood. He clawed at his belt and came up with a dagger, so Brienne cut his hand off. That one was for Jaime.[3]

—thoughts of Brienne of Tarth