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Hunt.png Ser
Hyle Hunt
Ser Hyle Hunt TheMico.jpg

Culture Marcher (possibly)[N 1]
Born Reach[2]
Issue Bastard girl[3]
Book A Feast for Crows (appears)

Hyle Hunt is a knight of House Hunt and a captain in service to House Tarly.[1]

Appearance and Character

Hyle is a gallant,[4] eloquent,[5] stubborn,[6] and languid young man.[1] He has a plain face, brown hair, hazel eyes, a cleft chin, a crooked nose, and a scar near his left ear.[1] He is one head shorter than Brienne, who is about six and a half feet tall, putting him at roughly five feet and ten inches in height.[1] Hyle has a full, rich laugh.[1]

Hyle wears a white surcoat.[1] He wields a sword and rides a chestnut courser.[6]


Ser Hyle served House Tarly at Horn Hill. When Lord Randyll Tarly tried to teach his son Samwell to swim by throwing him in a pond, Hyle had to rescue Sam.[7]

Hyle knows of at least one bastard that he has fathered, a girl. The girl's mother doused him with a kettle of soup the last time he visited his daughter.[3]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

While at Highgarden after the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings, Ser Edmund Ambrose, Ser Ben Bushy, and Hyle began a wager on taking Brienne of Tarth's maidenhead. In his attempt to woo her, Hyle brought Brienne an illuminated book, apples and carrots, for her horses and a blue silk plume for her helm. He told her camp gossip and said things to make her smile. When Lord Randyll Tarly heard about this wager, he had it stopped.[8]

After Randyll takes Maidenpool, Hyle commands one of the town's gates. He encounters Brienne and laments his current predicament. Hyle follows Brienne through Crackclaw Point and catches up with her at the Whispers, where she slays Shagwell, Pyg, and Timeon, formerly of the Brave Companions.[8] After helping to bury Dick Crabb,[8] Hyle insists on bringing the slain outlaws' heads to Randyll. Instead of taking credit for killing the outlaws, Hyle truthfully informs Randyll of Brienne's valor.[6]

After Lord Tarly dismisses Hyle from his service,[6] the knight joins Brienne in search of Sansa Stark, whom Ser Jaime Lannister had tasked Brienne with finding,[9] although Hyle expects a rich reward.[6] The knight follows Brienne through the riverlands, stays with her at the Quiet Isle,[4] and visits the destruction of Saltpans.[3] While at the crossroads inn, Hyle asks for Brienne's hand in marriage, but she rejects him.[3] Brienne intends to leave Hyle behind at the inn, but her plan is interrupted by the arrival of Rorge, Biter, and other former Brave Companions.[3]

After the encounter with the outlaws at the inn, Hyle is taken prisoner by those sworn to Lady Stoneheart. The brotherhood without banners beat Hyle until his face is almost unrecognizable.[5] Despite Brienne's insistence that Hyle is innocent of any crimes, he is judged guilty for allying himself with House Lannister and sentenced to death. Hyle offers to fight Jaime in Brienne's stead, but Lem strikes him in the face. He is hanged alongside Podrick Payne and Brienne, although Brienne shouts a word to intervene.[5]

Quotes by Hyle

His lordship informed me that he had no further need of my sword, or my insolence. It amounts to the same thing. Henceforth I shall enjoy the adventuresome life of a hedge knight ... though if we do find Sansa Stark, I imagine we will be well rewarded.[6]

—Hyle to Brienne of Tarth

I am not Renly Baratheon, I confess it, but I have the virtue of being still amongst the living. Some would say that is my only virtue. Marriage would serve the both of us.[3]

—Hyle to Brienne of Tarth

Brienne: All lips are the same.

Hyle: And all lips are made for kissing. Leave your chamber door unbarred tonight, and I will steal into your bed and prove the truth of what I say.

Brienne: If you do, you'll be a eunuch when you leave.[3]

Brienne of Tarth and Hyle

Quotes about Hyle

You think too much.[1]

Randyll Tarly to Hyle

Hyle Hunt was no true knight. His honest face was just a mummer's mask. I do not need his help, I do not need his protection, and I do not need him, she told herself.[6]

—thoughts of Brienne of Tarth


  1. The Tarlys are stated to be Marcher lords in The World of Ice & Fire. As the Hunts are sworn to the Tarlys, they most likely reside in the same region.