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House Buckler of Bronzegate
House Buckler.png
Coat of arms Three brass buckles, on a blue field
(Azure, three buckles or)
Seat Bronzegate
Current Lord Ralph Buckler
Region the Stormlands
Overlord House Baratheon

House Buckler of Bronzegate is a noble house from Bronzegate in the Stormlands sworn to Storm's End.

According to semi-canon sources their arms depict three brass buckles on blue.[1] Their motto is unknown.


Ser Barristan Selmy once defeated the Bastard of Bronzegate, Cedrik Storm.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

During the War of the Five Kings, Lord Ralph Buckler most likely declares for Renly Baratheon before siding with his brother Stannis Baratheon and deserting him in turn for Joffrey Baratheon.

A Storm of Swords

Probably on his way to King's Landing, Oberyn Martell hears from Lord Buckler's steward that Tyrion Lannister has introduced a tax on whoring.

Lord Buckler is a guest at King Joffrey's royal wedding, during which he proposes a toast.

A Dance with Dragons

Ralph's cousin, Ser Brus Buckler, remains in Stannis's service and is one of the queen's men. At the wedding between Alys Karstark and Sigorn of Thenn, Brus gives Princess Shireen her first dance. Queen Selyse arranges for Brus to wed the second daughter of the wildling raider Gerrick Kingsblood.

House Buckler at the end of the third century

The known Bucklers during the timespan of the events described on A Song of Ice and Fire are:

With unspecified familiar relation to the main branch:

  • Cedrik Storm, the Bastard of Bronzegate. A tourney knight active several decades prior to the novels.

References and Notes

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