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Alias Gerrick Kingsblood
Title King of the Wildlings
Allegiance House Redbeard
Culture Free folk
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Gerrick Kingsblood is a raider from the free folk and the founder of House Redbeard. He has a son and three daughters. He boasts descent from Raymun Redbeard, the King-Beyond-the-Wall who invaded the north but was killed along with his sons in the battle at Long Lake. Tormund claims Gerrick actually descends from Raymun's younger brother, known as the Red Raven, not the king.


Gerrick is tall with long legs, broad shoulders, long red hair and a red beard.

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Gerrick comes through the Wall with the free folk following Tormund. His red-haired son is one of the hostages that Jon Snow demands. Gerrick brings his three daughters with him when he swears his oath to Jon, who agrees to present them to Queen Selyse Florent.[1]

Selyse arranges the betrothals of Gerrick's three daughters to Ser Axell Florent, her Hand, and her knights Ser Brus Buckler and Ser Malegorn of Redpool. She claims that Gerrick is the true King of the Wildlings, descended in an unbroken male line from their great king Raymun Redbeard,[2] though Tormund says it is through Raymun's younger brother, the Red Raven.[1]


Scrubbed and groomed, clad in green velvets and an ermine half-cape, with his long red hair freshly washed and his fiery beard shaped and trimmed, the wildling looked every inch a southron lord.[2]
- thoughts of Jon Snow

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