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Southron is a northern Westerosi name for the southern Westerosi that come from below the Neck. It can also be a patronising name at times.

The free folk refer to all Westerosi south of the Wall as southron. [1] The name can also be used outside of Westeros. By the Isle of Cedars, Victarion Greyjoy thinks of the treacherous storms encountered by the Iron Fleet as “southron storms”. [2]


There’s much and more you southrons do not know about the north.[3]
- Ser Bartimus, to Davos Seaworth, at the Wolf's Den

Everything below the Wall's south to us.[4]
- Ygritte, to Jon Snow

If Your Grace wishes to lose all of my lord father’s bannermen, there is no more certain a way than by giving northern halls to southron lords.
Jon Snow

And I am no southron lady but a woman of the free folk.[1]
Val, to Lord Commander Jon Snow

Ned’s girl . . . And we would have had her and the castle both if you prancing southron jackanapes didn’t piss your satin breeches at a little snow.
- Big Bucket Wull, to Lord Peasebury

Another bloody southron fool.
- Lord Commander Jon Snow's thoughts on Ser Patrek of King's Mountain

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