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The arms of House Volmark include a leviathan

The whale is similar to the real-life animal.

Species and Range

There are several species of whale found in the oceans of the known world, with many living in the Sunset Sea[1] and the Shivering Sea.[2]

These include:


House Volmark includes a leviathan in their sigil.[6]

The savage spotted whales are known as "the wolves of the wild sea" because they hunt in packs.[2]

Sailing on huge, fat-bellied whalers,[7][8] the Ibbenese hunt whales for their bone, blubber, and oil.[9] According to a semi-canon source, the Ibbenese chew blubber.[10] Some horns claimed to be those of unicorns are actually the horn of a whale hunted by Ibbenese,[11] presumably the narwhal.[2]

Whale oil is used to light lamps in the Port of Ibben[9] and White Harbor.[12]

Some stories claim that House Farwynd of the Lonely Light and their smallfolk are skinchangers who take the forms of sea lions, walruses, and spotted whales.[1][3] Ironborn named after the mammal include Jorl the Whale[1] and Kenned the Whale.[13]

The Belly of the Whale is an establishment frequented by smugglers in Sisterton.[14]


The Whalebone Gates protected the city of Ibbish before its destruction by Dothraki.[9]

While sailing west into the Sunset Sea, the House Hightower ships Sun Chaser, Lady Meredith, and Autumn Moon spotted a great dark ship which they assumed to be an Ibbenese whaler.[15]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

During the kingsmoot on Old Wyk, Lord Gylbert Farwynd includes arm rings made of whalebone among the treasures he offers to the assembled ironborn. The captains turn away from his gifts, leaving less prestigious men to scramble after them.[3]

Leo Tyrell mocks Samwell Tarly by referring to him as a black-clad whale.[16]

A Dance with Dragons

The Windblown refer to the grotesquely-large Yezzan zo Qaggaz as the Yellow Whale.[17]

Iron Victory captures Noble Lady with a cargo of salt cod, whale oil, and pickled herring.[18]


Giants have no kings, no more'n mammoths do, nor snow bears, nor the great whales o' the grey sea.[19]


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