Old Ones

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The Old Ones are gods said to have lived deep below the ruined subterranean cities on the island of Leng. The jungles of the island contain odd, overgrown ruins of unknown origin, which lead to massive underground labyrinths and caverns. The god-empresses of Leng are said to have had congress with the Old Ones, and they instructed the empresses on at least four occasions to massacre foreigners, at least according to the Jade Compendium.[1]

When the YiTish emperor Jar Har conquered Leng, the warriors he sent into the ruins either returned mad or vanished altogether, so the emperor ordered the ruins' entrances to be sealed under penalty of death. According to legend, however, the Old Ones still dwell underground.[1]

Behind the Scenes

The Old Ones may be a reference by George R. R. Martin to H. P. Lovecraft's Old Ones.