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A skinchanger with his owl, by Woodrow Hinton © Fantasy Flight Games

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey that inhabit Westeros.


Owls are known for their eyesight[1] and can attack ravens.[2]

In culture

Owls in the arms of House Garner

The arms of House Mertyns depict a white great horned owl on grey,[3] and Ser Michael Mertyns was known as the White Owl.[4] Three grey owls are included in the arms of House Garner.[5]

One of the named hours is called the hour of the owl.[6]

Skinchangers who have entered the minds of owls can lose their connection to the earth and instead only want to fly.[7]

The sharp-eyed[1] Mya Stone likes to say her mother was an owl.[8]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Will hears the hoot of a snow owl before Others attack Ser Waymar Royce in the haunted forest.[9]

Bran Stark is familiar with an ancient owl which sleeps in the dusty loft above the old armory of Winterfell.[10]

While on the kingsroad south of Mole's Town, Jon Snow notices an owl taking flight.[11]

A Storm of Swords

As they travel through the northern mountains, Bran and his companions hear owls hoot and observe them fly silently through pine trees.[12]

A Dance with Dragons

Masks worn by shavepates in Meereen depict owls, jackals, and other beasts.[13]


On a clear night like this, the moon and the stars are enough. Mychel says I have the eyes of the owl.[1]