Waymar Royce

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Waymar Royce
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Waymar Royce
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Title Ser
Allegiance House Royce
Night's Watch
Culture Valemen
Born In 278 AC or 279 AC[1], at Runestone[2]
Died In 297 AC[1], at the Haunted Forest, Beyond the Wall
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Played by Rob Ostlere
TV series Season 1

Ser Waymar Royce is a knight of House Royce. The third and youngest son of Lord Yohn Royce, he became a ranger of the Night's Watch. In the TV series, Waymar is played by Rob Ostlere.

Appearance and Character

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Waymar is handsome, graceful and slender, with grey eyes. He wears very fine clothes. When he is killed by the Others and becomes a wight, his eyes turn blue and his touch is icy cold.[3]

He displays a sense of entitlement as well as arrogance towards more experienced members of the Night's Watch.[4]


As a third son of a lord, Waymar did not have many chances at wealth or land and so joined the Night's Watch.[3] He was escorted by his father north to the Wall. They both stayed at Winterfell as guests on the way. While Waymar was there, Sansa Stark fell wildly in love with him.[5] Among the brothers of the Night's Watch, his behavior and appearance earned him some ridicule behind his back, including from Gared and Will.[3]

Shortly before the series starts, Lord Commander Mormont gave Ser Waymar the command of a ranging in the Haunted Forest for a band of wildling raiders. He was accompanied by Gared and Will. Ser Waymar was by far the least experienced of the three, having been in the Night's Watch for less than half a year, whereas Mormont counted Gared and Will among his best men. However, Ser Waymar felt it was his due to have a command because he was a knight, and Mormont accepted because he didn't want to offend Waymar's father.[4]

For nine days, the three followed the wildlings, first going north, then northwest, then north again. The weather kept getting colder. On the ninth day, Will felt increasingly apprehensive, as if something cold and implacable was watching him, and Gared felt the same. They finally caught up with the wildlings on the ninth day. Will sneaked near their camp to gather information and saw eight people, men and women. However, he wasn't able to see any movements over an extended period of time. He returned to Ser Waymar and Gared, reporting that the wildlings were dead, probably killed by the cold.[3]

Recent events

A Game of Thrones

Waymar is attacked by the Others - by Amok ©

Ser Waymar, Gared and Will are near the camp of the wildling raiders they have been following, talking about how to proceed. Gared tries to persuade Ser Waymar to head back to the Wall, but without luck. Ser Waymar points out that it's unlikely that a group of eight adult wildlings would freeze to death at a time when the Wall is weeping. Thus the three men go to search the corpses to discover what killed them. While they are approaching the wildling camp, it turns night and a half-moon rises. Gared says he can feel that something is wrong, but Ser Waymar dismisses the suggestion, mocking the experienced ranger repeatedly.[3]

Ser Waymar orders Gared to remain with the horses while he and Will walk the last part. Gared intends to make a fire, arguing that fire can keep some enemies away. This earns him a sharp rebuke by Ser Waymar who calls him a fool. While moving ahead with Will, Ser Waymar's clothes and his longsword turn out to be a hindrance in the undergrowth. When they are at the wildling camp, Will and Ser Waymar cannot find the bodies. Will climbs a tree to look for them. Both men feel that it's getting markedly colder. Suddenly, Ser Waymar is attacked by the Others. Though he faces them bravely, he is swiftly killed. Will stays in the trees until he is sure that the Others have left. When Will goes down, he is attacked and strangled by Ser Waymar, who has been turned into a wight.[3]

While Lord Commander Jeor Mormont is telling Tyrion Lannister about the conditions on the wall to gain his support, he mentions the ranging on which Will and Ser Waymar went missing. He laments giving the command to someone as inexperienced as Ser Waymar, calling himself a fool about it. He mentions that Gared had been longer at the wall than himself and that he would never have believed the man would turn. However, Lord Eddard Stark has sent him Gared's head. There has been no word on the other two men. Mormont has sent Benjen Stark to search for them, and now Benjen has also disappeared. There is no one for the commander to send to search for Benjen.[4]


Dance with me then.[3]
– Waymar, to an Other


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