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The Vale and the location of Runestone
The Vale and the location of Runestone
The Vale and the location of Runestone

Runestone is the seat of House Royce in the Vale of Arryn. It lies on a peninsula north of the Bay of Crabs, east of Redfort and south of Old Anchor. While Runestone is on the northern shore of the peninsula, the nearby city of Gulltown is on the southern shore.[1] Helliweg is the maester at Runestone.

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Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

At Runestone, the Lords Declarant write and sign a document containing their demands for the removal of Lord Petyr Baelish as Lord Protector of the Vale.[2] Lord Yohn Royce holds a small melee for squires only at Runestone. Harrold Hardyng wins and is knighted by Yohn as his reward.[3]

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