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Artys Arryn
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Biographical Information
Full Name Artys Arryn, the First of His Name
Alias The Winged Knight
The Falcon Knight
Other Titles King of Mountain and Vale
Born in , at Giant's Lance
Culture Andal
Royal House House Arryn
Books "The World of Ice and Fire" (Mentioned)

Ser Artys Arryn, also known as the Winged Knight and the Falcon Knight, was a legendary Andal warlord who became the first King of Mountain and Vale and founded House Arryn.[1]



According to legend, Ser Artys was an Andal leader known as the Winged Knight who set out from Essos to conquer Westeros and spread the Faith of the Seven. He commanded the forces that drove the First Men and the children of the forest out of the Vale of Arryn. He flew to the top of Giant's Lance on the back of a giant falcon to slay the Griffin King. There are hundreds of tales recording his adventures.[1] He is said to have been the first King of Mountain and Vale.

The truth, however is he was born of pure Andal blood in the Vale in the shadow of the Giant's Lance. On his shield he bore the moon-and-falcon and a pair of falcon's wings decorated his silver warhelm, earning him . He was esteemed as the finest warrior of his day, skilled with sword, lance and morningstar. A cunning and resourceful leader, beloved by all who fought beside him.

After King Robar II Royce united the First Men of the Vale, the Mountains of the Moon and the Fingers under his rule and struck against the divided Andal houses and petty kings, the Andals unified under the leadership of Ser Artys, who was of an age with King Robar. He led the Andal army in the Battle of Seven Stars, though he took part in its final stage, as he led a force of over five hundred knights through a goat track on the Giant's Lance to take the already weakened First Men in the rear, leaving a decoy, who was slain by King Robar II, among the main fighting force. It is possible he slew King Robar II himself, though other candidates have been put forth over the centuries.[2]

After the Andal victory, the First Men houses bent the knee to Ser Artys, who was proclaimed King of the Mountain and the Vale, thus founding the Arryn dynasty. In later centuries, singers would conflate him with the legendary "Winged Knight."[3]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Lord Robert Arryn's favourite stories are those of the Winged Knight. He demands three stories of Ser Artys from Alayne before he agrees to prepare for his departure from the Eyrie.[1]

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