Roland I Arryn

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Roland I Arryn
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Biographical Information
Full Name Roland, First of His Name
Other Titles King of Mountain and Vale
Died in , at the Vale
Culture Andal
Royal House House Arryn
Queen Teora Hunter
Books The World of Ice and Fire (Mentioned)

King Roland I Arryn was a King of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn.[1]


The grandson of King Artys I. Roland had been fostered with an Andal king in the Riverlands as a boy and had traveled far and wide. Before returning to the Vale to don the Falcon Crown, he visited Oldtown and Lannisport. Having seen the Wonders of the Hightower and Casterly Rock, he felt that the Gates of the Moon, the seat of his house, looked mean and ugly. He wanted to tear down the Gates of the Moon but after thousands of wildlings had descended one winter in search of food, he was reminded to vulnerable his seat was. Legend say his future wife, Teora Hunter, reminded him how his grandsire had defeated Robar Royce, by attacking from high ground, which resolved King Roland to seize the highest ground of all, to start building what would become, the Eyrie. He did not live to see it completed.[1]

In an attack upon the Vale, King Roland was taken unawares by a band of Painted Dogs. He was pulled from his horse and murdered, his skull smashed in by a stone maul as he tried to free his longsword from its scabbard. He lived long enough to see the first stones laid for the castle he envisioned.[1]

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