Anya Waynwood

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Anya Waynwood
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Title Lady of Ironoaks
Allegiance House Waynwood
Lords Declarant
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (appears)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Played by Paola Dionisotti
TV series Season 4

Anya Waynwood is Lady of Ironoaks and head of House Waynwood.[1] She is widowed[2] and has three sons: Morton, Donnel and Wallace, and an unspecified number of daughters and grandsons.[3] Her wards include the young Harrold Hardyng, her cousin and the heir-presumptive of the Vale, and Cynthea Frey, whose mother was a Waynwood.[4] In the HBO TV series she is portrayed by Paola Dionisotti.


Lady Waynwood has greying hair, loose skin beneath her chin, and crows-feet around her eyes, but is described as having a distinct air of nobility. She wears a mantle on her arm.[1]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Lady Anya is present in the High Hall, surrounded by her sons, when Tyrion Lannister demands a trial by battle to prove his innocence of the claims against him[2].

A Feast for Crows

Anya is one of the Lords Declarant who swear to drive Petyr Baelish out of the Vale and to protect their young lord, Robert Arryn. They gather six thousand men to the Gates of the Moon, demanding that Petyr give up his position of Lord Protector and leave the Vale.

Petyr invites the Lords to the Eyrie for negotiations. Petyr has secretly bribed one of them, Ser Lyn Corbray, to draw his sword, Lady Forlorn, at the meeting, which gives Petyr an edge in the negotiations. Petyr asks for a year time to set things right in the Vale, which the Lords agree to.[1]

Anya is present at the wedding of Lord Lyonel Corbray in Gulltown. This is unexpected because Lyonel is an adherent of Petyr Baelish and the other Lords Declarant shun the wedding. Petyr explains to Sansa Stark that he has bought up the debts of the Waynwoods and persuaded Lady Anya to give permission for Sansa to wed her ward, Harrold Hardyng, if Harry agrees.[3]


None of us wants war. Autumn wanes, and we must gird ourselves for winter.[1]
- Anya to Petyr Baelish and the Lords Declarant


Unknown Waynwood
Unknown wife
Unknown husband
4 daughters
Unknown Hardyng
Unknown Elesham
Harrold Hardyng

References and Notes

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