Alys Arryn

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Alys Arryn
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Allegiance House Arryn
House Waynwood
Born In or between 218 AC and 249 AC[1]
Spouse Elys Waynwood
Book(s) A Feast for Crows (mentioned)

Alys Arryn was the sister of Lord Jon Arryn and Ronnel Arryn. She was married to Ser Elys Waynwood.


Elys and Alys had nine children together. Alys died not long after having her ninth child.[2] Of the nine children, their only son Jasper died at three years old. The eldest daughter married Ser Denys Arryn but died soon after him. The youngest daughter married a member of House Hardyng and died not long after that. Two died while children from the pox. One was left scarred by the pox and became a septa. Another was seduced by a sellsword, lost her bastard child by him and joined the Silent Sisters. Another daughter married the Lord of the Paps but they were childless. The last daughter was carried off by Burned Men on her way to marry a member of House Bracken.[2]


3rd: Lysa Tully
2nd: Rowena Arryn
1st: Jeyne Royce
Elys Waynwood
Lady Belmore
Denys Arryn
Ser Hardyng
Six other daughters
Jasper Waynwood
Harrold Hardyng

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