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A falcon is included in the arms of House Arryn

Falcons are birds of prey similar to real-life falcons. Like hawks, captive falcons can be used for hunting by falconers[1] or be kept as pets.[2]


Falcons are especially prevalent near the Eyrie and the Giant's Lance.[3][4][5] The sigil of House Arryn, Lords of the Eyrie, is a sky-blue falcon outlined against a white moon on a sky-blue field.[6][7] Lord Jon Arryn's favorite bird was a falcon gifted to him by King Robert I Baratheon,[2] and his longsword has a falcon-head pommel.[8] Ser Vardis Egen, captain of the House Arryn guards, has falcon's wings on his helm, the visor of which resembles a beak.[8] The Falcon Tower is one of the towers of the Gates of the Moon.[9]

The mews of Harrenhal are said to be haunted by the spirits of dead falcons.[10]


Falcons flying near the Eyrie, by Ted Nasmith ©

According to legend, the Winged Knight flew on a huge falcon to the top of the Giant's Lance, where he then defeated the Griffin King.[5] Archmaester Perestan suggests this to be a distorted memory of dragonriders, however.[6]

Falcon's wings decorated the silver warhelm of Ser Artys Arryn, the Falcon Knight.[11] The Kings of Mountain and Vale from House Arryn wore the Falcon Crown.[2] King Osgood Arryn was known as the Old Falcon.[12]

Isembard Arryn, a merchant from House Arryn of Gulltown, became known as the Gilded Falcon after men joked that the falcon on his sigil was made of gold.[13]

Young Robert Baratheon kept a gyrfalcon named Thunderclap.[14]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

A potboy tells Jory Cassel that Lord Jon Arryn had been considering commissioning plate wrought in pale silver with a blue jasper falcon and a mother-of-pearl moon on the breast. When Lord Eddard Stark asks Tobho Mott if he made a falcon helm for Lord Arryn, the smith explains that Jon and Lord Stannis Baratheon did not patronize his work, but instead were interested in one of his blacksmiths.[15]

In mourning for the death of her husband, Lady Lysa Arryn wears black silk with a moon-and-falcon sewn in pearls.[16]

A Storm of Swords

When they go hawking in the kingswood, Sansa Stark's merlin catches three ducks, and Margaery Tyrell's peregrine takes a heron in full flight.[17]

The wedding chalice given by Lord Mace Tyrell to King Joffrey I Baratheon has a falcon of blue jade to represent House Arryn.[18]

Lysa gives Jon's favorite falcon to Marillion.[19]

A Feast for Crows

While looking upon the Giant's Lance from the Eyrie, Sansa sees a blue-winged falcon soaring above a frozen waterfall.[2]

After the court of Lord Robert Arryn, the Young Falcon, departs the Eyrie for the Gates of the Moon, Mord butchers the winch oxen and leaves them for the falcons.[5]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.

Each competitor in the tourney to choose the Brotherhood of Winged Knights receives a cloak of cloth-of-silver and a lapis brooch in the shape of a pair of falcon's wings. The eight victors are to receive warhelms decorated with falcon's wings.[9]


And finally, up where the falcons soared, a flash of white in the moonlight. Vertigo washed over her as she stared upward at the pale towers, so far above.[4]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark