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Marillion TheMico.jpg
Marillion by TheMico ©

Born 279 AC or 280 AC[1]
Died 300 AC
the Eyrie[3]

Played by Emun Elliott[4]
TV series Game of Thrones: Season 1

Marillion is a singer and a musician.[5]

Appearance and Character

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Marillion is a handsome[6] young man with a boyish look to him.[5] His sandy hair is long and curled, and he has a wisp of a mustache.[6] The singer has a slender form, smooth skin, and a charming smile.[7]

Marillion is vain about his skills[5] and his good looks.[6] Although courteous, he is also arrogant and mocking.[7][8] He dislikes violence.[9]

The singer's voice is a tenor,[9] strong and sweet,[8] and he also plays the woodharp.[5]


Marillion was in King's Landing for the tourney on Prince Joffrey's name day. He earned a great deal of silver with his singing during the tourney, but lost it when he bet that Ser Jaime Lannister would win his joust against Ser Loras Tyrell.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

While en route to King's Landing for the Hand's tourney, Marillion meets Lady Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik Cassel at the crossroads inn. Catelyn doubts Marillion's claims that he is friends with her brother, Ser Edmure Tully, and that a chamber is kept for him at Riverrun.[5]

After Catelyn's capture of Tyrion Lannister at the inn, Marillion rides with them to the Vale of Arryn, intending to make a song of the adventure.[9] The party is attacked by members of the Vale mountain clans on the high road, however, and a horse and rider land on the singer during the fighting. Tyrion steps on Marillion's hand and advises him to play dead. The singer has several broken ribs and four broken fingers on his playing hand, and his woodharp is also destroyed. Marillion takes a fine shadowskin cloak from the clansmen's dead chief,[9] which Tyrion later wins from him at dice.[10] While the wounded Rodrik and Ser Willis Wode remain at the Bloody Gate to recuperate, Marillion asks Catelyn to continue on with her to the Eyrie.[11]

Marillion acquires a new woodharp at the Eyrie. When Tyrion tells him to make a ballad about how he was not allowed to choose his champion in a trial by battle, Lady Lysa Arryn acquiesces and allows Tyrion to select Bronn.[10]

A Clash of Kings

Following the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion dreams of a victory feast in which Marillion sings of his valorous deeds.[12]

A Storm of Swords

Marillion by kanako91 ©

Having remained at the Eyrie, Marillion becomes the favorite of Lady Lysa and her son, Lord Robert Arryn, singing the young lord to sleep each night.[6][7] Lysa rewards him with costly clothes, a gold arm ring, a belt studded with moonstones, a fine horse, and the favorite falcon of her late husband, Jon Arryn, the Lord of the Eyrie.[7] Marillion's songs mock other lords of the Vale, however, and he becomes disliked by many at court.[7]

Marillion is present at the wedding of Lysa and Lord Petyr Baelish at the Baelish tower in the Fingers. During the feast, he performs "The Vow Unspoken", "Seasons of My Love", and "Two Hearts That Beat as One", and he then sings a bawdy version of "Milady's Supper" during the bedding.[6] Marillion, drunk on mead, strikes an old blind dog and tries to seduce an unwilling Sansa Stark, who is disguised as Petyr's bastard, "Alayne Stone". Ser Lothor Brune, who has been given orders from Petyr to watch Sansa, prevents this and wounds Marillion with his knife.[6]

After Lysa's party returns to the Eyrie, Sansa feels that Marillion always sings to her when he performs during supper, and she thinks that he constantly undresses her with his eyes.[7] Marillion claims to be writing a new song about her, "The Roadside Rose".[7] Sansa learns that two serving girls and a page had been banished by Lysa for telling "lies" about her favorite.[7]

Lysa sees her new husband, Lord Petyr, kissing Sansa in the godswood of the Eyrie, so she has Marillion bring Sansa to her in the High Hall. She blames Sansa and also accuses her of being interested in Marillion. Lysa threatens to throw Sansa through the Moon Door, and to prevent them from being overheard, Lysa has Marillion perform "The False and the Fair". Petyr arrives to save Sansa from falling, however, and he reassures Lysa. Petyr then throws Lysa through the Moon Door, telling Sansa that Marillion killed Lysa.[7]

A Feast for Crows

After his arrest, Marillion is tortured by Mord, being blinded and, according to Maddy, losing three fingers.[8] In return for Marillion's confession, Lord Baelish allows him to keep his life. Confined to the sky cells, Marillion sadly sings:[8]

No matter where she is in the Eyrie, day and night, Sansa thinks she can hear Marillion's rich singing. Lord Robert is unable to sleep at night, and he wants Marillion to be be executed by being thrown through the Moon Door.[8]

Petyr tells Lord Nestor Royce, High Steward of the Vale, his son Ser Albar, and Ser Marwyn Belmore that Marillion murdered Lysa after learning that she intended to send him away. As Alayne, Sansa also tells the nobles that Marillion had killed Lysa.[8] Lord Baelish has Marillion confess to them that he had killed Lysa out of jealousy. His eyes-sockets are covered with a bandage and his hands are gloved during the meeting, so Sansa cannot see his wounds. According to Nestor, his cousin Bronze Yohn, Lord of Runestone, will want to question Marillion as well.[8] Albar recalls that Marillion had mocked him and his father as pigs in a song, and Marwyn complains that the musician had called him "Ser Ding-Dong".[8]

Sansa later assures Lord Robert that a guilt-ridden Marillion has died by walking from the sky cells, based on information from Petyr, but Robert insists that he can still hear Marillion singing at night.[3] Robert has come to hate singing since his mother's death.[13] Myranda Royce, Nestor's daughter, tells Sansa that she had willingly slept with Marillion before Lysa's death, and that the singer had been skilled with his fingers.[13]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.

At the Gates of the Moon, Sansa repeats the lie that Marillion murdered Lysa, telling the story to Ser Lymond Lynderly and Ser Ben Coldwater.[14]

Quotes by Marillion

Emun Elliott as Marillion in Game of Thrones

Marillion: My name is Marillion. Doubtless you've heard me play somewhere?
Catelyn: I fear not.[5]

—Marillion and Catelyn Stark

In truth, I was made to sing for kings and high lords.[5]

—Marillion to Catelyn Stark

Marillion: I'm a singer, I want no part of this fight!
Tyrion: What, lost your taste for adventure?[9]

—Marillion and Tyrion Lannister

All night I have been making songs for you in my head. A lay for your eyes, a ballad for your lips, a duet to your breasts. I will not sing them, though. They were poor things, unworthy of such beauty. Let me sing to you with my body instead.[6]

—Marillion to Sansa Stark

If I had eyes I should weep. I loved her so, I could not bear to see her in another's arms, to know she shared his bed. I meant no harm to my sweet lady, I swear it. I barred the door so no one could disturb us whilst I declared my passion, but Lady Lysa was so cold ... when she told that she was carrying Lord Petyr's child, a ... a madness seized me ...[8]

—Marillion to Nestor Royce

Quotes about Marillion

As she had suspected, he was more interested in telling his own story than in hearing theirs. Singers loved nothing half so well as the sound of their own voices.[5]

—thoughts of Catelyn Stark

Craven rhymes nicely with raven.[9]

Tyrion Lannister to Marillion

She did not understand why the gods would have given such a voice to such a wicked man.[8]

—thoughts of Sansa Stark

We have come to an agreement, Marillion and I. Mord can be most persuasive. And if our singer disappoints us and sings a song we do not care to hear, why, you and I need only say he lies. Whom do you imagine Lord Nestor will believe?[8]

Marwyn: The man must die. He should have followed Lady Lysa out the Moon Door.

Albar: Without his tongue. Without that lying, mocking tongue.
Petyr: I have been too gentle with him, I know. If truth be told, I pity him. He killed for love.
Marwyn: For love or hate, he must die.
Nestor: Soon enough. No man lingers long in the sky cells. The blue will call to him.

Petyr: It may, but whether Marillion will answer, only he can say.[8]

Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, Marillion is present when Catelyn Stark captures Tyrion Lannister[15] and accompanies them to the Vale of Arryn.[16] By the end of the first season, he is at the court of Joffrey Baratheon. Marillion has been brought for the king for singing a mocking song about Robert Baratheon. In it he insinuates that the Lannisters are involved in Robert's demise. For this Joffrey sentences him to choose between losing his fingers or his tongue. Marillion does not make a choice and begs for mercy. This is to no avail and his tongue is cut from his mouth by Ser Ilyn Payne.[17] In A Game of Thrones, this happens to an unnamed tavern singer.[18]

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