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The locust is a species of insect.


Locusts are capable of eating the land bare.[1]


Locusts are eaten in different locations in Essos in a number of recipes, such as locust pie in the Eastern Market of Vaes Dothrak,[2] fried locust in Volantis,[3] or honeyed locusts in Meereen.[4]

Recent events

A Game of Thrones

During her time in Vaes Dothrak, khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen tastes locust pie at the Eastern Market.[2]

A Storm of Swords

Daenerys Targaryen compares the hosts of freedmen that have followed her from Astapor to the outskirts of Yunkai to locusts with sandals, for they have eaten the land bare.[1]

A Dance with Dragons

The Brazen Beasts with locust masks

At the Merchant's House, Tyrion Lannister and his captor Jorah Mormont break their fast with fried locusts, among other dishes.[3]

During the celebrations for her marriage to Hizdahr zo Loraq at Daznak's Pit, Queen Daenerys is served honeyed locusts, which she refuses despite Hizdahr urging her to taste them. Her Queensguard, Strong Belwas gorges on them, only to retch them minutes later.[4] The locusts turn out to have been poisoned.[5]

As part of the plot devised by Skahaz mo Kandaq and Ser Barristan Selmy to overthrow King Hizdahr, the Brazen Beasts who are part of the plan put on masks in the likeness of locusts.[6]


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