A Clash of Kings-Chapter 45

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Catelyn VI
A Clash of Kings chapter
POV Catelyn Tully
Place Riverrun
Page 475 UK HC (Other versions)
Chapter chronology (All)
Catelyn V
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Catelyn VII


Catelyn reflects on how she has always done her duty, remembering that she never comforted Littlefinger after Brandon had injured him, nor did she bid him farewell when her father sent him off. Later, Maester Vyman shows her a letter from Lord Elwood Meadows, the new castellan at Storm's End. The man does not make note of Edric Storm, and she wonders again why Stannis is so interested in the boy, thinking he might mean to use the boy’s appearance as proof of Joffrey’s ill heritage. Catelyn is considering the nature of bastards and their fathers, and recalls Roose Bolton’s recent missive where he calls his bastard, Ramsay Snow, a boy of tainted blood and that he counts himself "well rid of him". Bolton states that he hopes Robb will weigh his capture of Harrenhal against the crimes of his bastard son.

Catelyn is drawn away as fighting begins across the Red Fork, yet each time Lord Tywin’s troops attempt to cross, Edmure’s men repel them, raining arrows down upon them as they attempt to ford the river. Catelyn is unimpressed despite the victory her brother has won against one of the most famous battlefield commanders alive. She sends wine to Cleos Frey, and then attempts to gain information from him, but the man knows little of use. All she learns is that Ser Cleos saw only Sansa at court, and she looked drawn; Catelyn muses that either Cersei is keeping Arya hidden for fear of what she might say or do, or her younger daughter is dead. Catelyn does consider Tyrion a man who might be trusted at his word, despite what has transpired between the two of them. She then learns the results of the great victory, that Leo Lefford has drowned, Gregor Clegane was badly wounded, and the great knight Strongboar taken captive. Yet despite the fact that they were winning, she is still afraid.

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