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Marya Seaworth, by Torbjörn Källström © FFG

Title Lady
Allegiance House Seaworth
Father A carpenter
Spouse Lord Davos Seaworth

Marya Seaworth is the wife of Ser Davos Seaworth, and mother of his seven sons.[1][2]

Appearance and Character

Marya is a good-natured plump woman, with sagging breasts, and a kindly smile. Her husband Davos feels she is the best woman in the world.[1]


Marya is the daughter of a carpenter. She married Davos Seaworth, who was a smuggler at the time. They had seven children together: Dale, Allard, Matthos, Maric, Devan (b. 287 AC), Stannis (b. 289 AC or 290 AC), and Steffon (b. 293 AC).[2]

In 283 AC, after the end of Siege of Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion, Davos was knighted by Stannis Baratheon, and received a keep and lands at Cape Wrath. Marya became mistress of the keep, where she now resides with their two youngest children.[3][1]

Allard's ship, Lady Marya, is probably named after his mother.

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Salladhor Saan tells Davos Seaworth the legend of Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa and the forging of Lightbringer. When Davos thinks of Nissa Nissa, he pictures his wife Marya, and shudders at the idea of killing her, deciding it was much more than he cared to pay for a magic sword.[1]

A Storm of Swords

Davos, a survivor of the Battle of the Blackwater, remembers his four sons who died during the battle, but finds hope remembering his wife and living sons.[4]

Salladhor Saan is angered that Davos refuses his suggestion to go home to his wife and children in favor of revenge on Melisandre, and says when Davos dies he will bring his bones back to Cape Wrath for his sons to wear in bags around their necks.[5]

On Dragonstone, Davos finds himself thinking about Marya and their two young sons almost every day, and part of him wishes he could take Devan and go home.[6] He thinks if he survives telling Stannis Baratheon he has helped Edric Storm escape, he will return to Cape Wrath and Marya, grieve their dead sons together, raise his living sons to be good men, and speak no more of kings.[7]

A Dance with Dragons

In White Harbor, Davos thinks how he could have abandoned Stannis's cause to return to his wife Marya and their young sons.[8]

While imprisoned in the Wolf's Den, believing he is to be executed, Davos writes letters to his wife and three surviving sons. His letter to Marya says that he loves her, and is sorry for the wrongs he did to her. He tells her that if Stannis Baratheon loses the war, she should take the boys to Braavos. If Stannis should gain the Iron Throne, Devan will help her find fosterage for the boys with noble lords. He wishes he had wiser advice to give her.[9]


Only a starving man begs bread from a beggar.[6]

—Marya Seaworth, per her husband Davos Seaworth

Davos: I do not know this Lord of Light, but I knew the gods we burned this morning. The Smith has kept my ships safe, while the Mother has given me seven strong sons.
Stannis: Your wife has given you seven strong sons. Do you pray to her? It was wood we burned this morning.[1]

I was a better smuggler than a knight, a better knight than a King's Hand, a better King's Hand than a husband. I am so sorry. Marya, I have loved you. Please forgive the wrongs I did you.[9]

Davos Seaworth, in a letter to his wife Marya