A Storm of Swords-Chapter 54

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Davos V
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Davos
Place Dragonstone
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Salladhor Saan tells King Stannis Baratheon of the Red Wedding, how the Freys sewed the head of Robb Stark's direwolf, Grey Wind, on the king's shoulders and nailed a crown on its head. Catelyn Stark was slain and thrown naked into the river. Queen Selyse and Axell Florent declare that it was the hand of R'hllor that killed the usurpers, but Stannis knows it was Lord Walder Frey's handiwork. When Stannis wants to send word that he will pardon any ironman or northman who swears fealty, Melisandre tells him that her flames revealed that new kings will pick up where the old ones died. The Seven Kingdoms must be shown a sign, but Stannis has heard enough talk of stone dragons, knowing of all the follies the Targaryens caused by trying to return the dragons to life.

Davos Seaworth persuades the king by asking Melisandre why she needs Edric Storm's life to raise the stone dragon. He also inquires how her leeches were responsible for two kings' deaths, when one was killed by Walder Frey and the other, Balon Greyjoy, fell from a bridge. He also points out that only two of the three false kings are dead so far. The Red Woman has answers, but Stannis sends her away. Still not completely satisfied that he should spare Edric's life, the king sends Davos away as well.

The Onion Knight seeks out Maester Pylos, who has been teaching him how to read. Davos begins to slowly read a letter that arrived some time before from the Wall. The missive speaks of Lord Jeor Mormont's defeat at the Fist, and Maester Aemon's fear that the wildlings may conquer the Wall. Pylos reveals that he showed the letter to Alester, but the king and Melisandre are not aware of the warning's existence.

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