Lommy Greenhands

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Lommy Greenhands
Lommy Greenhands TheMico.jpg
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Culture Westerosi
Born King's Landing[1]
Died 299 AC
the riverlands

Played by Eros Vlahos
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 1 | 2

Lommy Greenhands is one of the orphan boys Yoren recruited for the Night's Watch in King’s Landing[2] and is part of the band marching north to the Wall.[3] In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, he is played by Eros Vlahos.[4]

Appearance and Character

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Lommy's arms are mottled green to the elbows. When he laughs, he brays like a donkey.[3] He usually talks a lot, including during meals.[5]


Lommy was a dyer's apprentice before he was caught stealing.[3]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Soon after Yoren's band has left King’s Landing, he and Hot Pie begin picking on Arry for being the youngest and smallest in the group and for not talking to them, with which, however, she is only heeding advice by Yoren to keep to herself. They give her a hard time, even make fun of her crying (not knowing it is about her father's recent death). Lommy assigns her the nickname "Lumpyhead" (made into "Lumpyface" by Hot Pie once and later picked up by Rorge), which Arry finds worse than "Arya Horseface", as she used to be called in Winterfell. Arry is especially irked that the two orphans taunt her about Needle, questioning that it's a real sword and, if it is, how she has come into its possession. When Lommy tells her she should hand Needle over to Hot Pie, who he claims killed a boy once, and Hot Pie grabs for the sword, she snaps and savagely beats Hot Pie bloody with her wooden practice sword. When she turns towards Lommy, he's scared and squeals at her to get away from him. Afterwards he stays away from Arry as far as he can.[3][5]

When the band comes across a freshly dug child grave at the side of the kingsroad, Lommy wants to take the crystal marking the grave but is advised by Gendry to better leave the dead alone.[6] After an encounter with gold cloaks with an arrest warrant for Gendry signed by Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, the orphan boys start treating Gendry like he's someone special, with Lommy suggesting that he might be the bastard of Lord Eddard Stark, infuriating Arry who knows better. Avoiding the kingsroad now, the group moves west- and northwards on side roads in the direction of the Gods Eye. When they drink from a brook with funny tasting water, Lommy announces this comes from bodies rotting upstream, a comment for which is nearly hit by Hot Pie, yet Reysen keeps them apart.[6]

They later find a dead soldier in the river running south from the Gods Eye and Lommy thinks he has been proven right. While Yoren and others search a ford for crossing the river, Lommy and Tarber strip naked and go wading in the river, with Lommy also throwing mud at Hot Pie and calling him Mud Pie. Later that day, the group arrives at a town at the southern shore of the Gods Eye where Yoren wants to rent boats for crossing the lake, but they find the town deserted. Assigned by Yoren to a search party led by Woth to find boats at the lakefront, Lommy, supported by Hot Pie, suggests searching an inn for food and ale instead, but is snapped at by Woth. When no boats but some sails are found, he proposes they build their own boats, but he looks blank when Yoren asks him whether he knows anything about building boats. He wants to spend the night at the inn but Yoren decides that they shelter in the town's abandoned holdfast. Arry suggests they should leave the town altogether, for which she is taunted by Lommy for being scared. However, the whole town is burned down that night by the men of Ser Amory Lorch.[5]

When Arry is the first to be alarmed that night via a dream of a howling wolf, Lommy sneers at her that she has wolves in her head. However, Arry's foreboding was justified and soon the holdfast is attacked by Lorch's men. Lommy is among the defenders. One of Lorch's men climbs the walls and Dobber wrestles him down the catwalk, but he draws a dagger into his belly in the process and is killed. Lommy smashes the other man's head in with a stone, hooting about his victory until he realizes that Dobber has also died. Later on, he is wounded by a spear thrust through his calf. When Arry and Gendry, on Yoren's order, gather survivors to escape through a tunnel in the barn of the holdfast, they come across Lommy and take him with them.[5]

He travels with Arya, Hot Pie, and Gendry for a time, until they are captured by soldiers under the command of Ser Gregor Clegane. Upon learning that he cannot walk and that they will have to carry him, Raff the Sweetling drives a spear through his throat, killing him.[7]