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The Riverlands and the location of the Gods Eye
The Riverlands and the location of the Gods Eye
Gods Eye
The Riverlands and the location of the Gods Eye

The Gods Eye is a large lake south of the Trident in the southern Riverlands. The great castle of Harrenhal and its town, Harrentown, sit astride its northern shore, while an unnamed town is along the southern shore.[1] At its center is a lone island, the Isle of Faces, which was where the Pact between the children of the forest and the First Men was created. The warm water of the Gods Eye is blue and green.[1] Among its feeder streams is the Rippledown Rill.[2] Black swans live in the vicinity.[3]

The Gods Eye feeds a river that flows south to the Blackwater Rush.[4][5] The holdfast of Briarwhite is south of the lake and east of the river. Whitewalls was near the Gods Eye until it was destroyed in the aftermath of the Second Blackfyre Rebellion.


The Pact between the First Men and the children of the forest was signed on the Isle of Faces in the middle of the Gods Eye.[6]

Singers and storytellers tell the tale of the Green King of the Gods Eye.[7]

Harren Hoare, King of the Isles and the Rivers, constructed Harrenahl on the northern shore of the Gods Eye. During the War of Conquest, the Battle of the Reeds and the Wailing Willows were fought along the southern shore of the lake. Two sons of Harren the Black were slain by Balerion on the lake while returning to Harrenhal.[8]

Prince Aegon Targaryen was slain in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye in 43 AC.

During the Dance of the Dragons, the Battle by the Lakeshore was fought along the western shore of the Gods Eye, while the Butcher's Ball occurred south of the lake. Princes Aemond and Daemon Targaryen and their dragons, Vhagar and Caraxes, fought to their mutual deaths above the Gods Eye.[9]

Lord Walter Whent's great tourney at Harrenhal was hosted along the northern shore of the lake.[10]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Yoren brings his recruits for the Night's Watch, including a disguised Arya Stark, to an abandoned town on the southern shore of the Gods Eye. They are set upon by westermen led by Ser Amory Lorch, however.[1]

A Storm of Swords

Meera Reed tells Bran Stark the story of the Knight of the Laughing Tree, which includes a crannogmen who traveled to the Gods Eye.[11]


The setting sun made the tranquil surface of the water shimmer like a sheet of beaten copper. It was the biggest lake she had ever seen, with no hint of a far shore.[1]
- thoughts of Arya Stark

Gods Eye was a sheet of sun-hammered blue that filled half the world.[3]
- thoughts of Arya Stark

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