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Rogues cover.jpg
Caraxes and Daemon Targaryen
Rogues cover art by Ken Laager

Alias The Blood Wyrm
Allegiance Daemon Targaryen
Race Dragon
Died In 130 AC, at Gods Eye
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)
The Rogue Prince (mentioned)
The Princess and the Queen (mentioned)

Caraxes was a dragon ridden by Prince Daemon Targaryen.[1][2][3]


He was red, huge, and lean. In battle he was formidable, fearsome, and experienced. During the Dance, Caraxes was about half the size of the huge Vhagar. Meanwhile, Vhagar was three times the size of younger dragons such as Tessarion or Seasmoke.[2]


Caraxes fought in the Stepstones with Daemon Targaryen in a conflict sometime before the Dance of the Dragons. With his help, Daemon took Harrenhal during the Dance.[1]

Atop Caraxes, Daemon challenged Aemond Targaryen at Harrenhal. Aemond rode Vhagar. All four were killed in the fight over the God's Eye. At the end of the fight, Vhagar locked with Caraxes and they fell into the Gods Eye. While in freefall, even as Vhagar's claws opened up Caraxes's belly and used her teeth to tear off one of his wing-arms, Caraxes locked his teeth onto the larger dragon's throat and tore it out. Vhagar did not survive the force of the fall. Somehow, Caraxes managed to live long enough to pull himself out of the water and onto the shore, even though his entrails were falling out and one of his arms had been torn clean off. The dragon soon died in front of the walls of Harrenhal.[1]

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