Grey Ghost

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Grey Ghost
Owner None (wild)
Species Dragon
Born Dragonstone[N 1]
Died In 130 ACDragonstone

Grey Ghost, or the Grey Ghost, was the name given by the smallfolk of Dragonstone to a wild dragon living on the island during the Dance of the Dragons.[1]

Appearance and Character

Grey Ghost was pale grey-white, the color of morning mist. He was a notably shy dragon, who avoided men and their works for years at a time. His avoidance of people, and his ability to hide in clouds and mist, gave him his name.[2]

Grey Ghost preferred to feed on fish, and was often glimpsed flying low over the narrow sea, snatching prey from the waters. He made his lair in a smoking vent high on the eastern side of the Dragonmont. He was never claimed nor ridden by any man, and was one the three wild dragons of Dragonstone, along with Sheepstealer and the Cannibal.[2]


During the Dance of the Dragons, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon sought new dragonriders to fight the greens. Some of the dragonseeds looked for the Grey Ghost, but could not find him, as he was ever an elusive creature. Alyn of Hull first sought out Grey Ghost before attempting (and failing) to claim Sheepstealer.[2]

In 130 AC, the crew of the Nessaria saw Grey Ghost and another dragon fighting in the sky above the Dragonmont. Grey Ghost was slain in the struggle. When Ser Robert Quince heard of Grey Ghost's death, he wrongly assumed this was the work of the Cannibal. In truth, Grey Ghost was vanquished and partially devoured by Sunfyre upon his return to Dragonstone.[3]


  1. The age of Grey Ghost is unknown. It can be reasonably assumed he was a young dragon by the time of the Dance of the Dragons, however. Because 1) he was first wrongly believed to have been killed by the Cannibal who was known to kill young dragons and feed on them. And 2) Grey Ghost was killed by Sunfyre, who was referred to as "a splendid beast, though young" during the Dance.


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