Acorn Hall

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Acorn Hall
Location Riverlands, Westeros
Government House Smallwood, Feudal lord
Ruler Lord Theomar Smallwood
Religion Faith of the Seven
The riverlands and the location of Acorn Hall
The riverlands and the location of Acorn Hall
Acorn Hall
The riverlands and the location of Acorn Hall

Acorn Hall is the seat of House Smallwood in the riverlands. It is located southeast of Riverrun, northeast of Pinkmaiden, and north of Stoney Sept. High Heart[1] and Blackbottom Bend[2] are nearby.


Acorn Hall is a small castle with stone curtain walls and a large oak keep. Near the kennels is a smithy whose forge has not been used for a considerable amount of time.[2]


King Jaehaerys I Targaryen visited Acorn Hall atop Vermithor in 53 AC.[3]

A battle at Acorn Hall occurred in 130 AC during the Dance of the Dragons.[4]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

During the War of the Five Kings, Lord Theomar Smallwood is away fighting for his liege lord, Lord Vance, and in his absence, the gates of the keep are closed and barred and few men remain to hold it.[2]

Arya Stark and the brotherhood without banners—including Tom Sevenstrings, who had once been Lady Ravella Smallwood's lover—travel through Acorn Hall where Lady Smallwood welcomes them, opening the keep's gates for them to rest there. Ravella notices Arya's dirtiness and forces her to take a bath and clean herself, without knowing Arya's identity. Afterwards, Ravella chats with Arya discussing tastes and the courtesies of a lady after discovering that Arya is highborn.[2]

The brotherhood feast with Arya and Lady Smallwood in the keep's hall. They ask the lady if she has word of Lord Beric Dondarrion and soon everyone begins chatting with each other. Ravella mentions that Ser Jaime Lannister escaped Riverrun and some Karstark men had gone through Acorn Hall looking for Jaime.

After the feast, Gendry and Arya go to the forge where they talk about Thoros of Myr, and Gendry compliments Arya for her new, more highborn looks. The day afterwards, Lady Smallwood makes Arya take another bath before parting ways with the little lady and the brotherhood without banners, who proceed with their journey to find Lord Beric.[2]

Behind the Scenes

In an early draft of A Storm of Swords, the castle is called "Acorn Hill."[5]


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