Tom of Sevenstreams

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Tom of Sevenstreams
Tom of Sevenstreams by Amok©
Tom of Sevenstreams by Amok©

Alias Tom O'Sevens
Tom Sevenstrings
Allegiance Brotherhood without banners
Born In or between 240 AC and 249 AC[1]
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (appears)
A Feast for Crows (appears)

Tom of Sevenstreams, also known as Tom O'Sevens or Tom Sevenstrings, is a member of the brotherhood without banners.

Appearance and Character

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Tom looks around fifty years old, is small, and has a big mouth, pointy nose and thin brown hair.[2] He is a singer and plays a woodharp, which he occasionally plucks when he talks.[2][3] He has a dubious reputation.[4]


Tom once ran afoul of Edmure Tully when he stole a girl that Edmure was supposed to bed to take his virginity. Edmure had drunk too much and was unable to perform. Tom then made a song about a floppy fish, which led to Edmure's hatred of music.[5] Tom passed seven sons long ago and claims they all have beautiful voices.[5] One of his sons supposedly resides at the Peach in Stoney Sept, though Tom does not claim him.[6]

House Tully has never been good to Tom. Lady Lysa Tully once sent Tom up the high road, where the Vale mountain clans took his gold, horse, and clothes. He walked up to the Gates of the Moon with nothing but his harp. There the guards made him sing two songs before letting him pass.[7]

Tom sang at the wedding of his cousin, Ser Pate of the Blue Fork, though his cousin never paid him.[8]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Tom and his companions, Lem and Anguy, stumble upon Arya Stark, Gendry and Hot Pie digging in a garden. There, after a display of archery from Anguy, they force Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie to accompany them to the Inn of the Kneeling Man.[2]

A Feast for Crows

When Ser Jaime Lannister visits the camp of the Freys during the siege of Riverrun, Tom is present as a musician in the company of Ser Ryman Frey. Jaime has Tom follow him after claiming Edmure Tully. After Jaime is done threatening Edmure, he orders Tom to sing "The Rains of Castamere". Edmure responds by saying, "No. Not him. Get him away from me."[9]

When asked by Jaime why he does not depart with the Freys after Riverrun surrenders, Tom claims he hopes to replace Whitesmile Wat at Riverrun. Jaime suggests he court the favor of his aunt, Genna Lannister, instead of Riverrun's new lord, Emmon Frey.[9] Tom is listed as still being a member of Lady Stoneheart's band of outlaws, the brotherhood without banners.[4]

References and Notes

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