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Hot Pie
Hot Pie, by Amok ©

Culture Crownlands
Mother A baker

Played by Ben Hawkey
TV series Game of Thrones: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 7

Hot Pie is an orphan baker's boy of King's Landing. The boy's given name is unknown.

In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, Hot Pie is portrayed by Ben Hawkey.[1]

Appearance and Character

Hot Pie is plump with straw-colored hair[2] and big eyes.[3] He is a poor horse rider[4] but an accomplished baker,[5][6] and Arya Stark thinks him stupid and craven.[7]


Hot Pie's mother was a baker in King's Landing, and when she was alive the boy would push her cart through the streets yelling, "Hot pies! Hot pies!"[2]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Hot Pie and others are collected by Yoren and bound for the Wall as recruits for the Night's Watch. Hot Pie lies about kicking another boy to death.[2][8] Unaware that Arya Stark is a girl, let alone the daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, he and Lommy Greenhands taunt Arya mercilessly until she beats Hot Pie savagely with a wooden practice sword.[2]

When Yoren's band is attacked by Ser Amory Lorch at the Gods Eye town, Hot Pie and Arya are among the survivors along with Gendry and Lommy.[9] The youths are eventually captured by the Mountain's men, however, and Lommy is killed.[10] Hot Pie is surprised when Arya reveals herself to be a girl.[3]

Like Arya, Hot Pie is made a servant at Harrenhal. He is sent to work in the kitchens and believes the castle is haunted by ghosts.[11][5] Hot Pie is beaten with a spoon after trying to give Arya a tart from the kitchen.[11] After the Battle of the Blackwater, Hot Pie escapes Harrenhal alongside Arya and Gendry.[12]

A Storm of Swords

Having seen her kill a Bolton guard at Harrenhal, Hot Pie is frightened by Arya.[4] They are captured by the brotherhood without banners and brought to the Inn of the Kneeling Man.[6] En route Hot Pie sings "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" with Tom of Sevenstreams.[6] The boy is shocked when Harwin reveals Arya's identity. He decides to stay on at the inn and make bread for Sharna and Husband, hoping that his friend Arya will return after the War of the Five Kings.[7]

A Feast for Crows

Training in Braavos, Arya thinks that Hot Pie would enjoy the kitchens of the House of Black and White.[13]

Quotes by Hot Pie

Tom: Will you give us your names like honest men?

Hot Pie: I'm Hot Pie.

Tom: Aye, and good for you. It's not every day I meet a lad with such a tasty name. And what would your friends be called, Mutton Chop and Squab?[6]

Tom of Sevenstreams and Hot Pie

Sharna says she needs me to bake bread. Anyhow I'm tired of rain and saddlesores and being scared all the time. There's ale here, and rabbit to eat, and the bread will be better when I make it.[7]

—Hot Pie to Arya Stark

Quotes about Hot Pie

Everyone was yelling stuff. Hot Pie yelled hot pie. He must have yelled it a hundred times.[14]

In his chainmail shirt with a sword in his hand, Gendry looked almost a man grown, and dangerous. Hot Pie looked like Hot Pie.[6]

—thoughts of Arya Stark

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