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Allegiance Brotherhood without banners
Culture Rivermen
Born Riverlands[1]
Spouse Husband
  • Two sons
  • Boy (adopted)

Sharna is the innkeep of the Inn of the Kneeling Man. She is married to Husband.

Appearance and Character

Sharna is very tall, and ugly with a knobby chin.[2] She is goodhearted, but with a sharp tongue and a cynical view of strangers.[2]


Sharna and her family were displaced during the War of the Five Kings. She had two sons, one of whom was killed by Lannister men, whilst the other died of the flux. She and her husband later adopted an orphaned boy whose mother had been killed by the Brave Companions. They came upon the Inn of the Kneeling Man and found the previous owners dead, so buried them and took over running the establishment.[3]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Sharna is off delivering Fern's baby in Lambswold when Brienne, Jaime Lannister, and Cleos Frey pass through. She is present though when Arya Stark, who had recently been captured by members of the brotherhood without banners, is brought to the inn.[2]


She has a sharp tongue and a fierce eye, I’ll grant you that, but her heart’s a good one.[2]