House of Black and White

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Arya walks up the steps of the House of Black and White - by Donato Giancola © Fantasy Flight Games
The House of Black and White interior - by Paolo Puggioni © Fantasy Flight Games
Arya Stark in the third level of the House of Black and White - by Marc Simonetti ©

The House of Black and White is the temple of the Many-Faced God and the headquarters of the Faceless Men. It is located in Braavos.


The House of Black and White sits upon a rocky knoll made of dark grey stone. It has no windows and has a black tile roof. Its wooden doors are twelve feet high and carved. The left door is weirwood, the right ebony. In the center of the doors is a carved moon face ebony on weirwood, weirwood on ebony. Its grey stone steps lead down to the dock.[1]

The knoll upon which the temple sits holds many passageways cut from the rock. Priests and acolytes' sleeping cells are located on the first level beneath the main floor. The sleeping cells for the servants are on the second. The holy sanctum lays on the third level, a restricted area.[2] The third level contains the many faces collected by the House. The faces are hung on the walls, and are used as disguises.[3]

In the center of the main room on the main floor lies a pool ten feet across. Statues of gods stand around the room.[1] There are statues of thirty gods in all. Among them are the Weeping Woman, the Lion of Night, Hooded Wayfarer, Bakkalon, the Moon-Pale Maiden, the Stranger and the Merling King.[2]

There are no services or songs of worship within the temple. The visitor can visit the pool, the gods, or ask for a priest.[2]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

In Braavos, Arya Stark finds her way to the House of Black and White, where a kindly old man initiates her into the guild of the Faceless Men.[1] She is required to discard her old personality, including her belongings, to begin the training. She does this, except for Needle, which she hides in a safe location. [2]

A Dance with Dragons

Arya remains blind and in the service of the House of Black and White.[4] The kindly man later sends her to Izembaro.[3]