A Storm of Swords-Chapter 17

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Arya III
A Storm of Swords chapter
POV Arya
Place Riverlands
Page 187 UK HC (Other versions)
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Arya IV


Hot Pie has decided to stay with Sharna as a baker at the inn. The others depart for Riverrun, or so Tom tells Arya. Harwin tells Arya the tale of how they first rode out in search of Gregor Clegane, and about all the men they lost when Gregor's men fell on them. Most of the 120 men from the original group are dead, including Lothar Mallery and Gladden Wylde. It was all a trap; Lord Tywin had planned for Eddard himself to ride out and deal with Gregor, but Jaime didn't know of the plan when he attacked Ned in the streets of King's Landing. As Eddard's leg was broken, he had to send others out. Dondarrion and his men learned a sharp lesson when the trap sprung. Dondarrion should have died, having been run through with a lance, but Thoros of Myr saved him. After Tywin became Hand of the King they became outlaws themselves but they kept fighting in the name of King Robert. They harried the foraging parties and attacked the baggage trains of Tywin's army, and their brotherhood began to grow as many flocked to their cause, mostly commoners uprooted by the war.

Later, they meet up with Greenbeard and learn that Jaime Lannister has escaped from Riverrun. When Arya discovers that they mean to bring her before Lord Beric rather than take her to Riverrun, she tries to ride off, but Harwin catches her. Her father's man is now a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and answers only to Beric and Thoros' Lord of Light, the god R'hllor.

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